Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Day After

Last night about 3 am, we heard Stella cough and then start to cry.  Ben got up to check on her and soon after I noticed a light came on.  Uh-oh.  I followed in and saw the mess on her pillow, bed, carpet and worst of all the blanky.  For only the second time ever in her life (knock on wood), Stella threw up (I don't like the word vomit).  Poor thing.  Together, Ben and I focused as best we could to clean up the mess (Esme slept through thank goodness).  While I was caring for Stella, she requested "princess hair."  I was going to pull it back anyway (just in case it happened again).  So, at 3 am I french braided her hair.  Ben took care of the bedding and then we all went back to bed.  This morning, Stella was in a fantastic mood; until I started to get her dressed for the day.  So what does a Mom do for her child following an awful night?  I let her wear her jams, her favorite rain boots, and her favorite pink vest with left over "princess hair" out on our errands. 

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