Monday, July 26, 2010

When is a Good Time ... skip nap time?  When you get to read and play with Grammie and GP!

A Safety Project

 So...this is a problem.  Actually, I am not sure you can see the problem.  It is not that the baby is on the first step...I am ok with that.  The problem is that the baby likes to follow the toddler through the balusters up stairs.  If you look closely, you will see that Stella actually has a leg hanging out. 
Just between the first step and the second step is the problem. My solution: an old shower curtain.  I loved this shower curtain, but it doesn't really go in the kids' bathroom.  It is nice to see it again.
 Cut two squares of fabric the length you need and don't forget to make sure it is long enough to make it around the balusters.  Always best to leave a little extra!
 The holes where the shower rings go are going to become button holes; 
so make sure that they are on the "length."
 Finish your edges (I guess you wouldn't have to do this actually).
 Gather up some old buttons.  You know you have these stuffed in drawers here and there.  I have trouble throwing them away with every shirt I buy.
 Sew the button on the other side where it would meet the shower ring hole.  Make sure it is tight.  We do not want a baby girl sliding it down!
 VOILA!  I turned it around after this photo so the buttons were on the inside.  So far so good!  The baby has been unsuccessful on getting up the stairs!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Boulevard Tour

When you are on a budget, you have to get creative when it comes to Birthday gifts.  Ben LOVES good beer.  We have been in the KC area for five years and still have not toured Boulevard Brewery....until now.  In May (maybe the first week even), I tried to book a tour for his Birthday in June which landed us in July.  We met up with one of our favorite couples and had a GREAT time!  Wow, two dates in one month! 
I love this sign - it was in the bathroom.

We learned that Boulevard is the 16th largest brewer in the nation and the 9th largest craft brewer 
(hopefully those number are recalled correctly)!  Last year, they brewed approx 144,000 barrels of beer!
This room full of barrels was probably one of my favorites in the tour. Although, I must add I dazed off from our tour guide speaking, and could only think of trying to get one of these barrels home to use for a table.
Ben was in awe, and was truly hanging on every word spoken about the brewery.
We watched boxes of Boulevard Wheat actually be assembled.

The best part...the end when we sampled! 
They make pretty babies too!
Hmm...I decided I didn't want to carry the Nikon through the tour.  These pictures were all taken with an i-phone.  Maybe for Christmas I should ask Santa for a nicer "point and shoot!"   
We had a lot of fun!  Maybe instead of touring wineries, we should look into touring breweries!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Park

I walked the girls to a park nearby yesterday.  I think the weather channel lied.  I checked the temp before I decided to push 60 pounds to the park and it definitely felt hotter than 87.  The girls had fun, but were ready to go after a short while (which is unusual for Stella). 
I was that Mom juggling two swings while still snapping pictures. 
Look at her go!  Thank goodness she still needed my help at the top.  My baby has turned into a little girl.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Like it a Lot

Simple, easy, cheap, but I like it a lot.

First, buy a cheap $2 from Goodwill.   Punch out the glass and dated picture.
Get yo'self some supplies from a craft store; sample paint from a hardware store. 
Mmm...loving this color.
Now, this part is important.  DO NOT leave the sample paint on a table where a toddler could climb on a chair and stretch across to reach the paint pod, where she would then open it, accidentally spill it on the one year old carpet, and then cry because it got on her finger, all while Mama is getting a drink for a baby (we are talking like a minute people).
 I had to "mess" mine a little bit with some sand paper.  Screw hooks in on sides, then thread the frame wire and snip, snip, snip.
It is good for special cards from Grammies and pictures...
Or a toddlers artwork...preferably done on paper, not carpet.
 *note: carpet eventually did come clean of bright aqua paint the diameter of a melon with lots of water and soaking.

What Were We Thinking!?!

Curse this hot weather. We tried to get out Saturday morning with the girls.  We decided something short and sweet like Deanna Rose Farmstead would be great.  We lasted an HOUR.  Even Stella was ready to go home.  We were melting at 11 am in the morning. Stupid heat advisories.  It was even too hot to swim. Oh man, thank goodness I was pregnant last summer instead of this one! Ahhh...last summer, beautiful 80's.  I love fall and winter. Yes, that is right.  I would choose a snow storm...with ICE over a weekend like this last.  Hey at least it is pretty and a little romantic. What's romantic about 95 (heat index over 100)?  Ben and I agreed that we had a stench...probably from being partially baked like a potato!  You won't see these two sweaty, stinky potatoes hugging.  However, I do like a sweaty baby, but they smell good no matter what, right?
Oh man, the pony tail holders (three) broke.  It was too hot to have this mane down...but it is pretty isn't it?
This little wading area was not enough.
These ducks have the right idea.  I think I can see steam in the pictures, you?
 A little ice cream treat on our way out.
Oh poor baby! Me too! Don't worry, we were heading out at this moment.
Not too hot for a "Stella Sandwich" inside!
 That is more like it.  Happy faces.