Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Dancing and Playing

Stella loves to dance.  When she dances with Mommy, she likes to pretend we are ballerinas.  When she dances with Daddy she likes him to hold her.  So sweet. 

No Whistle Daddy!


Stella is also fulfilling her role as big sister.  She loves Esme so much it melts my heart to listen to and watch her.  In this picture she was showing her the birthday card that just happens to also play the tune, "If you're happy and you know it," which then prompts Stella to sing to Esme.  Do you see Esme's face?  She loves Stella as much as Stella loves her.  Today I needed to clean up in the kitchen and asked Stella if she would make Esme smile (this helps keep both of them occupied).  Stella would take a few steps back, then run up to Esme talking to her in her own "baby talk." Esme would smile big and start her hackle laugh. 

A Visit and a Special Sock

Grammie and Aunt Kate came to visit on Saturday.  Stella was confused by the cast on Kate's leg.  Upon first glance, Stella called it a boot (a bright pink one).   In the end she settled on a special "sock."  How do you explain bones to a two year old?

Stella really cozied up to Aunt Kate during a little "Wonder Pet" time, although it looks that the special sock provided a little distraction.  I love those rare moments when Stella will curl up on your lap like this. 

Sunday, January 24, 2010

50 degrees in January

You would think that it was the beginning of Spring.  The snow had melted, so people were out running, biking, and walking again.  We decided to join them!

My amazing, skinny-mini, hubby and his all too friendly, loving dog (Callie).

Stella's first pair of Levi's.  She is getting good posing for pictures.

Fresh air and a HAPPY baby.

Good Morning!

Stella eases into the morning and likes to wake on her own.  We usually send Callie in to wake her if we need her woken...she doesn't get too angry with the dog.  Esme loves to sleep while everyone moves around her but then greets it with joy; she likes to hear her own voice first thing.

7:45...she hasn't had the jolt from her morning milk yet.

Little baby in a big bed; I like to bring her to bed in the morning to cuddle.

Saturday treat; pumpkin pancakes on the new griddle.  Mmmmm.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Even Later that Night...

Ben and I are taking turns putting Stella to bed at night.  Typically, Esme falls asleep nursing at night.  Even if it is my turn to put Stella down, I return to nurse her down.  Sunday night I returned to a baby past out from playing with her Daddy.  As Ben describes it, she actually was in mid-play when she just turned her head and closed her eyes.

Melt my heart.

Later that Night...

Let us rewind back to laundry.  Stella holds up a pair of Ben's boxers and asks,"What's this Mama?"  Hmmm...instead of answering "boxers" I tell her they are Daddy's "pantsies."  FYI, Stella calls underwear and pull-ups "pantsies."   I see her think about this, and I could almost see the connection click in her eyes.  Later that night...after bath, she wonders off to our bedroom and then comes around the corner with Ben's boxers.  She is insisting on putting them on.  I decide this battle is not worth it and I let her indulge.  "Just be careful, Daddy doesn't like his 'pantsies' to get wet," I tell her.


Oh, I am so glad I let her do this.  Shortly following the laughs and good pictures, she started to panic trying to get them off.  Once off, she proceeded to piddle on the carpet. "I saw-wee Daddy, I didn't get them wet."

Laundry & Projects with Kids

This weekend while I caught up on laundry and distracted the girls (from Daddy), Ben put in a new kitchen sink (great find on Craigslist) and three faucets.  Yea!  This is hard with Stella.  She knows Daddy is there, no matter what Mama is doing to entertain her...she is completely preoccupied with wanting to find Ben.  She makes it her mission to find him; she even yells, "BEN?!"  "OH BEEEEEEEEEN?!"  "Are you fixin' MY House?" 

I gave up distracting her at one point and joined the party.  While Ben was putting new faucets in our master bathroom, Esme and I folded laundry.  After realizing, Daddy wasn't going to play with her, Stella unfolded the laundry then turned on music and started to dance.  By the way, the dancing is really good right now.  She comes home from school with "good job" stars on her hands...for dancing! I must put up a video clip. 

She is actually in mid-twirl here; hence the serious face.

There is a baby in there somewhere.  Esme managed to do this all on her own, while I was sorting laundry on our bed.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Stella's First Snowman

It was so nice today (43), I decided to take the girls out for some fresh air.  We couldn't go for a walk as the sidewalks are still covered, and decided to avoid the back yard due to "brown" snow, so we ventured out in the front yard.  The snow was perfect for packing a snowman.  If I didn't have a toddler afraid to touch the snow but begging me to keep building (she helped pack a little), and a baby frustrated for being bundled up, we really could have built a big, quality snowman.  But this little guy was perfect for Stella's first snowman.  We couldn't find any rocks, so he can't see, but Stella found some great hair.

How to Cure a Cold

Stella loves her "coffee."  A while ago, Stella began begging for coffee whenever Ben and I had some.  I started making her sugar free hot chocolate at home, when she asks, and we either get her hot chocolate or milk when we are at Starbucks and call it "her coffee."  She loves it.  Ben surprised me today with my favorite Latte. When you have a two year, who has a cold, see that cup that she knows oh so well...the downward spiral begins.  So, Ben poured his into another cup and I put some hot chocolate in his 'bucks cup. 

Spirit Week

It is spirit week at Stella's school; how fun!  Monday was PJ day.  Tuesday was "favorite color" day.  The only color that Stella has from head to toe is Pink.  So I picked out her outfit, and told her "your favorite color is Pink!"  I really think it might be Yellow, but we don't have any winter clothes in yellow.  Maybe they will have spirit week again in the Summer.

Splish Splash

...the girls were taking a bath.  Stella has a new fear of the drain.  She is scared her bath tub toys are going to go down the drain...to the Kansas River...then to the Ocean.  Yes, she made that connection from previous conversations all on her own.  This has made bath time...ummm...you could say more difficult.  There is not much to entertain her, so she really focuses on what we are doing.  Hopefully this phase does not last long, it would be nice to wash her hair with out the extra hands. 

Esme loves bath time. 

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Couped Up

Snow.  Snow.  Snow.  I love snow.  But three weeks of snow plus sub zero temps...No Thank You!  With two little ones, it is not a smart nor practical idea for Ben and I to venture out.   Plus, Stella now has a cold, which I am sure will be shared, lovingly, with the rest of the family.  I am running out of ideas for entertainment.

Well someone seems happy to stay in. 

Stella's 1st Day of School

Well, her first day of pre-pre-school anyway.  Teachers said she transitioned just fine.  Stella is definitely more chatty when she comes home and really seems to enjoy it.

This is Ms. Joy.  The wonderful woman has cared for Stella the last two years and is now caring for Esme.  This picture was taken on Stella's last day.

Billy, Ms. Joy's son who thinks of Stella as a sister. So sweet.

On her way to school.  So cold!

Like any two year old, must touch the candy cane! Almost there!

Down the hall to the classroom.

Yes!  A friend already!
We keep hearing about a "Jacom" (Jacob), I wonder if this is him? 

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Topeka Visit

This last weekend, we visited Ben's sister, Kate, and his Grandma Counter in Topeka.  The girls did fairly well in the car (Stella always maxes out at an hour, Esme sleeps), and I really think everyone enjoyed themselves.  Stella had fun chasing Aunt Kate's kitty, Sophie, and, dog, Pete. Then she ate too many sweets at Grandma Counter's and found a new playmate in Uncle David.  Esme seemed content being passed to new people.  All in all, a good trip and long over due visit.


Monday, January 4, 2010

Little Mama

It is funny to think about how much of Stella's Christmas was in the lines of being a mother and housekeeper.  I know it is just modeling what she sees; it is the same reason she keeps hauling her tool box (home depot set, Thanks Aunt Kate!) upstairs to fix the treadmill - she pretends to be her Papa.  Now I am thinking I need to buy a vacuum to put along side her broom as she could seriously get hurt trying to use the Dyson.

And just for fun...