Monday, January 31, 2011

Fun Visit and Early Birthday

Grammie and GP visited recently and everyone had a little fun!  Ben and I even got to escape a night to see Harry Potter (awesome!).
 I am blessed enough that I received an early Birthday present that I have been wanting for the last two years.  Now I just have to learn how to use it.  I certainly have good subjects!  Thank you Grammie and GP!!!!

 I think I have a new favorite flower and color.  Maybe it is just seeing these beauties in the white kitchen, but this flower in this color could adorn my table every day and make me smile.  They also happened to be great subjects for the new lens. (big smiley face insert here).

Friday, January 28, 2011

More Snow Pics!

These shots are right before our second big snow storm (from last week).  The weather finally entered into the 30's and the girls were begging to go play again.  BUT, the snow was still soooo dry.  We tried and tried, but all of our snowballs kept turning to powder.  Were able to construct this small little snowman.  Stella insisted on a carrot for the nose and we struggled to find any rocks and used wood chips instead for the rest of the face. Every time Esme fell, she would roll back and forth waiting for someone to pull her back up.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

One for Me, One for You

The dogs love Esme.  She gets away with more than Stella ever did.  Maybe this is why.
 I know, these three shots look close to identical, but how do I choose just one to post?
Everyone gets a turn.  They are so patient and gentle with her.  It was a "melt my heart" moment.

Monday, January 10, 2011


I woke this morning to a little tap on my shoulder and a whisper..."Mommy?  Mommeeeeee?" 
I said yes as a question and opened my eyes.  Once she could see I was looking at her, she grinned and threw up her hands like a cheerleader and said "IT SNOWED!! A LOT!!!!"     
"Can I go outside and build a snowman, snowballs and make snow angels?"
It took a while to convince her to wait a while and maybe eat some breakfast.  She stared out the window watching the the snow fall periodically in between building blocks and playing with Play-doh.

Finally, Esme went down for a morning nap and Stella and I bundled up and headed out to play.  This girl LOVES the snow.  So different from last year, when she did not want to touch it.  Better yet...she got to go out again when Daddy got home and Esme got to join her!  She rolled in it, she jumped in it, she ate it, she stomped it, she tried soooooo hard to build with it, but the snow was just too dry.  Once she yelled (in Tangled fashion), "BEST DAY EVER!" just explain to her what 15 degrees means tomorrow or the next day....

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Girls in a Tub

Not a bathtub....a toy tub.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Some Christmas

I am so glad the computer is up and running again (no thanks to myself), but instead of post tons of photos, I will just share some!
 Reading a new book from the Wilkoffs!
 Seriously, isn't that one of the best Snowmen you have ever seen drawn by a three year old!??
 I love that they love the chalkboard wall AND that they always draw together.
 Stella has looked like this every day, at some point during the day, since Christmas.

 Hanging together in the tent from Santa; another favorite this year.
 Look at that face. She is always up to something.
 Yes, your eyes are not mistaking you.  That is a viewfinder.  With the old discs and all.  One Mommy and Daddy's favorites this year!

 This picture is not to show myself, but my little helper.  Every time I vacuum now (which is often with our 80lbs dog), she runs to get her own vacuum and works right along side me.
 Esme playing with a new dress up hat...

 Here I am!!!

Crown Center and Union Station

Ben and I LOVE going to Crown Center and Union Station.  We haven't taken the girls during Christmas time before, but it was wonderful! 
 Scoping out the gingerbread wonderland.  I was surprised they enjoyed just watching so much.

 Through the link from Crown Center to Union Station. Oh man did they love that.

 Stella danced to the live Christmas Music.
 I am so glad Esme is fascinated with trains.
 We took the girls through the Dinosaur exhibit at Union Station.  Stella - scared.  Esme - fine.

 Stella loves dinosaur movies and play figures, BUT she did not like the exhibit.  She was clutched to Ben the entire time.  The exhibit was really awesome though.  They made sounds and moved by the push of a button.

There was a large train exhibit too.  It filled an entire room with different train sets, towns, and villages.  There are more pictures but this post is long enough!