Sunday, February 28, 2010

Spring Fever

Grammie and Aunt Kate came to visit this weekend. Stella asked before they arrived, "Can I read books with Grammie, Mama?"  Lucky for her, Grammie had a couple new ones to read as well.  She also brought with her some new clothing for the girls (THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for keeping clothes their backs!!).  Look at this stack of clothing?  Notice anything?  Beautiful bright, spring colors. These clothes are meant to be worn when the sun shines and the birds sing.  Funny, today I noticed birds were singing and the sun was out.  There were also people jogging in the neighborhood with shorts and sweatshirts on.  The high was 40.  I am more of a fall/winter girl, but I am ready for the warmth.

Hmmmm...I wonder what they are looking at?

OH, of course...

On Sunday, Stella read the paper with us during breakfast:
Toys R' Us Insert

Esme's first Saltine

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Going through Clothes

I thought an added benefit to having a another girl would be that we would get to reuse Stella's clothes (many of them she hardly got to wear).  Especially given that Esme was born in August and Stella in September, you would think even seasons were perfect.  Hmmmm...not the case when your precious six month old is a little larger than the average baby and her sister wore 6-9 month clothing the day after she turned six months. 

Excuse my runny nose please.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Stella's Incident

Yesterday we received an incident report from Stella's new school.  She was involved in a little tiff with a little boy.  Before I go further into details... 
I feel like Ben and I have been able to avoid a lot of melt downs and physical anger the past two years by equipping Stella with words and language.  She started signing shortly after six months and soon spoke single words and then short sentences between one and two years and then on and on.  I have NEVER seen her bite anyone other then herself (she has bitten her hand when she was mad at us).  You know where I am going?
Now for the incident.  It was towards the end of the day, Stella was playing with a toy.  Apparently, a little boy wanted to play with the same toy, Stella of course said, "no."   So, the little boy hit her on her back!  (on her back, seriously?)  Then, Stella reacted and bit him on his cheek.  FYI, the teachers saw everything and just were unable to get there in time.  There was no blood or strong indentations.
We did talk to Stella later in the evening at the dinner table about what happened and how we do not hit or bite (imagine light conversation).  BUT, is it bad that Ben and I actually laughed about the scenario and were slightly proud of Stella?  She didn't cry when she was hit, she didn't tattle, she took matters into her own hands and stood up to a BOY!  You go girl!  I mean, no, we do not react with violence...ever.  (ever?)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

6 Months

Sweet, pretty Esme you are six months! Your personality is becoming more evident every day.  You are a gentle soul.  I love watching you observe your environment and take in your surroundings before reacting with squeals of delight.  You have charmed us all.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Germs, Painting, Naps

Stella switched from in home day care to pre-pre-school in January.  After one cold (which never seemed to go away), that eventually resulted in ear infections in both ears, she now has strep! Blah.  Until now, she had only averaged 1-2 colds a year (she did have an ear infection last year).  Can any one tell me if her immune system will eventually build up more resistance to other two year olds?  Poor baby girl.  I have given into lots of TV (her favorite movies) and sugar.  After watching her eat only a few apple slices in an entire day, I am buying strawberry shakes.
On a happier note, the bathroom is nearing completion.  Ben and I have been painting every night this week after the girls go down.  The vanity is a beast.  I am now in fear of the kitchen.  I am hoping the next pictures I post are of the bathroom...cross your fingers!  Advice:  when "they" say to label your cabinet doors so you know exactly where they came from and can return them as such...listen! They may all look the same but a smidgen bigger or smaller here and there results in six doors not where they belong.  We still haven't figured it out.
Esme...the human pretzel during a diaper change.  Does anyone notice the stickers on the pillow?  Stella thought the brown chenille was a little boring.
New Wings

Happiness after a nap

After Stella's nap.  She decided she did not want to sleep in her toddler bed.  She made a little pallet, and then surrounded herself with books and animals.


Monday, February 15, 2010

More Treasure Hunting

While the men worked more on the bathroom, my Mom and I took the girls and did some more treasure hunting.  I have found my new favorite store.  They have old, new, fun, romantic, furniture, jewelry, clothes, lighting etc.  LOVE IT.
I found this vintage Chenille bed spread.  It is pink with pink doodles and flowers "chenilled" on it.  I am going to sew a sheet to it to make it a duvet cover.  It is perfect for Stella's new big girl bed.  So sweet. The jewelry is pink and white pearls in a $2 grab bag (they had really cute 'new' jewelry too)!  The pedestal is old as well, I love it.  Look at the Owls.  I am going back next week to back the car up to the door.

Happy Valentine's Day!

The day started with little gifts, pancakes and balloons and more bathroom remodeling.

And then this happened.

 I love snow, but I will agree that we have had enough.  Although it kept us inside again, I did find romance in the sight of it.  Ben laughed, but I really thought it was pretty.  You have to admit, when it is falling, it is prettier than the typical gray February day with dirty snow plowed to the side of the street.

Uncle Ben

Friday evening our other favorite Ben (Dubs) came to visit.  It was so nice to have him - we have not seen him since Thanksgiving!  Stella was more interested in finding out where Isabelle was (her favorite cousin!).  Esme seemed content to chill with Dubs for as long he was here.
Here, Esme is just about to fall asleep.  Stella was the same way with Dubs; as soon as she would settle into his arms she would crash. 

Here is a picture of Stella and Dubs from Thanksgiving 2007 (Stella two months old):

July 2008 in Colorado:

There is something about him and babies.  He just instantly calms them.  So the trend shall continue with Esme.  We really enjoyed the visit and watching the Olympics Uncle Ben!  Can't wait to see you again soon!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Little Monster Babies...

destroying my town.  I build it back up and they knock it back down.  La la la la la laaaa la. 
*used to be one of Stella's favorite songs; thankfully she has forgotten this CD

TaDa! Completion!

Remember the window frames I mentioned a few weeks ago?  I have finished them.  I got this idea from another blogger who did this with a french door.  I lost my link to her and can not remember her blog name.  If anyone knows, please comment - she also has a great "how to."   I couldn't find an old french door, but found these old windows instead ($1 for both).   I painted and distressed the windows, made mattings from fabric and fixed the pictures to them with double sided tape.


This black one is for my parents.

This one if for the girls' bathroom.   Their bathroom is accented with black and white with cream walls.  I chose a bright color and whimsical fabric to make the room more youthful.

EDITED 03/17:
Thanks for the comments everyone!  Monica - thank you for the link to the french door tutorial.  She definitely deserves the credit for this idea.  Here is the window on the wall in the bathroom:

I just screwed some hooks onto the back and used the wall hooks that hold up to 25 lbs to hang this.  Sarah, I first did a light sanding on the window frame and then painted it with e semi-gloss.  Following that I sanded the edges  down a little bit.  The window had been painted white before so some of showed through after I lightly sanded it.  I liked that.  For the photos...I bought a large poster size card stock from Hobby Lobby.  I then measured the window size using a piece of paper, cut it and then used that for the template to trace and cut my card stock squares.   I cut the fabric squares a little larger than the card stock and then hot glued them to the card stock.  The photos being level really was trial and error - I am decent at "eye balling" that thankfully.  I adhered them to the fabric squares with a few pieces of double sided tape (I didn't want to do anything too permanent).  Once placed in the window panels, I tacked in one framing nail in each opening to secure the picture.   Hopefully this makes time I will do a better job of documenting the process!