Sunday, March 21, 2010

Potty Training

I thought this would be easier.  We purchased the first potty chair last May or June?  Stella was a little young, but soooo excited.  She would sit down and just "go" for fun.  Then we decided to wait until we settled into our new home, adjusted to life as a family of four and Stella was fine with the transition from in home care to school.  Here we are.  She does great during the day at school; sometimes she will go the entire day with dry diapers.  So, with the snow storm welcoming spring, Ben and I knew we would not be doing much this weekend.  I bought some real "pantsies" (with princesses and tinkerbells) and we locked ourselves in.
This was actually taken today, so a lot of the snow had melted already.  What a welcome Spring.

Saturday, was fairly good...only one accident.  She seemed excited about the potty chart I made, excited about one M&M, excited to dance with us when we cheered her on.
Sunday, not as good.  The excitement seemed to have worn off.  She did not care as much.  Although when I threatened to put a diaper on her, she was all drama.  At one point, I knew she needed to go.  I kept asking her, pleading with her, telling her...PLEASE SIT ON THE POTTY...NOW.   She looked right at me and very sweetly said, "nope."  "Stella, do not get TINKERBELL wet."  Keeping her eyes locked on mine, she proceeded to piddle right where she was the Living Room. ARGH.
I told Ben I felt like I was reliving the scene in Nemo when he touches the "butt." 

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  1. laughing at your nemo "butt" scene. too funny. good luck on the potty training. glad my girlies are way done with that. have a great dry, diaper free week. i'll keep my fingers crossed for ya!