Monday, May 31, 2010

We Have Business to Discuss...

She doesn't know it yet, but this Mama is ready to ween.  I want my body back.  I am breaking off this committed relationship.  I am hoping it will help that I have posted it as it was two months after I said it that I was able to ween Stella.  She was 13-14 months.  This little girl is different though.  She is a whole different kind of stubborn.
You may not be able to tell, but she is standing with out holding onto a thing.  Occasionally she will attempt a step forward (unsuccessfully).
"I have the neccessities, my phone and my puffs."
Are you ready?

Memorial Day Weekend...The End

As you can see our Memorial Day weekend was about the deck and enjoying the weather.  We did some shopping, some bike rides, ice cream, good beer and focused on getting some projects done.  Ben and I can see the light.  We feel like once we finish a couple more things, we can just sit and enjoy.  Mr. Deck, you have probably one more day.
"Papa, fix my deck!"  "Use that nail there and put it right there!"
I am the supervisor here.  "You listen to ME!"
 I'm helping.
 Eating from snack traps together.  They needed a break from building the deck.
Stretching and crunching with Mama later on after a good run.  Aren't those the cutest feet ever?

Thank you those who serve and have served our country.

Memorial Day Weekend...The Beginning

Stella started her weekend with a shake.  I had a coupon for the Yoplait smoothies.  They are a hit, and much lower in sugar with some nutrients (she LOVES shakes).
A little dress up between sisters.  Well, Stella dressed up Esme anyway.

Mommy says:  "Stella, show me your silly face...surprise face...angry face..."
Funny girl.

Some sand and water table fun now that we have top of the deck.  I love this "flower child" dress.  
Thank you K-K!!!
Esme has this thing about letting something hang out in her mouth.  This is a saltine.  She will just continue to play while a piece dangles between her lips.
Nice shot of Stella's new "Buzz Light Year Shoes."  Not really, but that is what we told her and now she loves wearing them.

Last Weekend Waffles and a Yard Sale

Stella loves to cook.  She helped make waffles last weekend.  I usually give her a separate bowl and let her measure flour, sugar, salt, and milk in it to stir.  She thinks she is making waffles.
Look what I made Mama!?  

I went to a garage sale later during nap time.  I found a great table for $5 for Stella's room next to her bed.  Once I start painting it, I will post some pictures.  I also found this for $1...
Once she got going, she really loved it.  It is pretty cute.  Definitely worth $1.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Marathon

When I am home with the girls, nap time is my marathon.  I have figured out how to get Esme's second nap time with Stella's big afternoon nap.  I LOVE nap time.  It is during this time that I catch up, craft, clean, cook, plan, work etc.  After I picked up from morning play time, I began my race.
 Really?  I mean, really?  This is supposed to be a leak proof lid.  Clean.
Start the Matt Pond PA today.
Get some sewing done.
Homemade ice cream.  Recipe here.
Home made salsa - it is mexican night tonight.
Mmmmm...must taste and make sure it is good.  Also need to re-energize.
Oh no, baby is awake.  All is not lost.  The toddler is still down!  Let's preoccupy this one with a snack!
Just enough time to squeeze in this...
and check on work...
I hear a toddler waking.  The race ends.  Now it is time for toddler entertainment.
We made telescopes with toilet paper leftovers.  
I see you!
I see you too Mommy!