Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Poser and the Angry One

Something has happened the last couple weeks.  My photogenic two year old no longer wants me to take pictures of her.  She used to walk around saying cheese, now she yells "NO PIC!"  My four year old is into silly poses now.  Can't a Mommy just get a picture of her two girls together smiling????

  Oh, I can get lots of lovely pictures from behind.
Yes, she typically has some form of dress up clothing on and lately her boots, even though it is in the 70/80's.  They are the only shoes she can get on herself quickly enough to chase after her older sister. The other shoes, like her Keens take too much time when she is trying to catch up.

In this picture, I have been caught.  The two year is yelling, "NO MAMA! NO PICTURE OF ME!"

I did not listen to her and continued to snap a picture.  She started running towards me, still yelling, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

She is real close now.  I can not focus the camera quickly enough.  Soon after this shot, I was hit.
By the way...we are talking real tears here.  

A few minutes later and dared another shot.  She gave me this look and said, "NO THANK YOU, MAMA!"

Then there is Stella. 

I did not post the pics with her tongue out and googly eyes.

Here she is climbing and noticed I was taking a picture.  She stopped what she was doing to flash me a smile.

 Esme ran away and hid underneath the playground.  She popped out to give me a serious look.  Almost, as if saying..."you better not do it mama."

Friday, April 27, 2012

A New Look

...with paint of course.  The following little projects may have been completed a while ago.

We bought this little desk from Goodwill for the girls' computer in November.  It was originally $30, then $24.  I sent Ben, the negotiator in to do some magic.  It is solid wood but there was a little crack on top and down the side (also totally fixable).  At home, $12 later (woo hoo!!) , I started working on it.

  After filling in the crack with wood filler, I sanded it down and painted it with left over paint from our house in Kansas.  This was an accent color in our kitchen on the chalkboard.  I also reused the fun primary colored knobs from the girls' art station in our house in Kansas.
For some reason, any pictures from the basement tend to make colors neon.  This is really a fun greenish yellow.  I imagine it perfect in the playroom when we move into a more permanent space.

Next up...the old vanity stool.  This was originally my Mom's, and was never used, so traveled with me to school...back in the day.  In our last house it was in our walk in closet...primarily used for getting things off the top shelf. Ha.  Our bedroom here is quite a bit smaller than our last so there isn't room for a sitting area...which brings us to the stool.  It has been sitting at the foot of our bed, used for an outfit the following day, sitting to brush teeth, or if you are four, climbing on top of in order to launch self on to bed.   Point is visible and I want it to look nicer.

Our bedroom furniture is dark white paint was perfect for a fresh look.  Add some nice upholster fabric from the clearance section that will coordinate with all of our bedding...and VOILA. So fresh and so clean.

Lastly, also from our bedroom...nightstands.  These have been with me since before Ben and I were married. They are not pretty and yet another shade of wood in our bedroom.  But, I enjoy the storage vs other styles that I would actually prefer.  Especially with another baby arriving soon, I thought it better to change the look than the table.  Seriously, having drawers to toss toys in, nursing gear, extra  diapers is a time saver when you are trying to do a quick pick up.

I didn't mind the color of hardware but REALLY disliked the bottom handle.  A little trip to Home Depot and Martha Stewart to the rescue.  Again, so fresh and so clean.  

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Morning Bed Head

Most every morning, Esme looks like this.  She sleeps with her head down, forehead against the mattress, knees tucked under, with her bum in the air.  This is the result. Stella and I think it is a "cute funny."  I think I will start taking this shot every morning.  Esme will probably hate them when she is older.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Beautiful Spring

I know most of the country has experienced the early spring, but it has been so nice here.  We could use more rain, but the temps are incredible.  We are outside everyday.

Esme has replaced sparkle shoes with her princess dresses.  Yes, she sleeps in them.  She also likes to carry her Easter Bunny flower with her when she has her princess dresses on.

Stella is biking like a pro.  Our biggest problem, initially was reminding her to look up and forward vs looking down at her feet.  We're all good now.  Esme peddles, but doesn't steer. 

Does anyone else have kids who think Dandelions are beautiful and insists that they go in a vase with water?

Let's talk pregnancy.   Fill in the blank.  Comment or message me.
You know you are nearing the end of your pregnancy when _______________ .
I write this because, tonight, I had one of those moments.  You know you are nearing the end of your pregnancy when your feet start to tingle and swell during a long shower.
 I mean, really?  How is that even fair?!?

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Easter Weekend

Before we get too far from Easter, I better get to sharing!  Still learning the area and the "going ons" for holidays, we steered safe for Saturday; the Children's Museum.
 There was free ice cream...


And of course and Easter Bunny...

The girls were scared out of their minds.   They would not even think of going near him.  He is kind of scary, right?  I think they are all scary, even the ones at the mall that sit in a chair. 

And just because it was cute...the girls playing house.

Later, a little egg dyeing.

Then Sunday Morning...

 So, the Easter Bunny was very generous this year and brought more than a little basket.  He may have left "big girl" bikes.  I love Stella's face here.  Like she really can't believe what she is seeing. 

The first thing Esme grabbed was the fake Daisy that was in the bike basket.  Love it.

Then, later that day...the hunt.  We had our good friends over for dinner and the hunt.  Getting the kids to stay like this long enough for a picture was torture for them.  Pretty funny.

Esme and I having a spoon race.  She was so excited to do this. 
Lovely, lovely day.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Food, Yum.

I have tried a few new recipes that I feel would be selfish not to share.  I try recipes all the time, but these ...these are different.  First, Pam's Cheesecake.   Let me explain.  I am not the biggest fan of cheesecake.  Occasionally it sounds good and I will never pass up Cheesecake Factory.   This is as good as CF.  Promise.   Warning, I do not advise making this "just because."  I would make this for an occasion with enough people to eat it or take it to work.  What will happen you ask?  It will speak to you every time you open the fridge door.  You will get a fork and have a bite, thinking that is better than a slice. Maybe even a few bites each time through the day.  Also, if you make this...DO NOT skip or improvise the crust.

Next, the healthy.  I want to share some love of recipes from Healthnut Foodie.  Since having children, I have paid more attention to the food we eat.  I make more from scratch, abide the "dirty dozen" list (foods you SHOULD buy organic), and always have fruits and veggies handy.  It's hard and can be expensive to do everything natural, grass fed, or organic, but we keep an eye out and stock up on specials.  This may be her biggest message, but her recipes are A+++ so far!
We have LOVED :
Enchilada Pie
Verde Pozole (*note, I really think a lot of the flavor will come from the Salsa Verde you buy, my fave to use in recipes is the Archer Farms ROASTED salsa verde in mild)
Coconut Chicken Tenders

These were all easy and ENTIRE family approved!  I have also tried the apple chips and Hail to the Kale salad - approved by the girls and myself.  I am excited to try the fruit leather, granola and chicken nuggets.  Let me know what you like!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Month?

Really?  It's been a month?  I felt bad because it had been "two weeks" since my last blog. But apparently it had been a month. I have about ten blog posts ready to be finished and posted...some of them originating in January or February.  Seriously.  I am just going to go with the "I'm pregnant!" excuse.   Pretty soon it will be, "I have a new baby!"  For real though, I have lots to share with you and will do my best to be consistent over the next four weeks.  After that, you may be getting a weekly picture of a newborn until I transform into something other than a human milk machine that never showers.  That is a description of love, not a complaint.
That's my Baby Belly.  Yes, that title certainly deserves caps. I am having difficulty finding comfort with the lap top.  I do not like sitting desk style too long and there is not enough room for lap style.  By the way, if you do not have a photo app on your phone - get one.  Right now.  It's free.  They are fun and can make phone photo imperfections look more purposeful.  My new header is in honor of photo apps.   I have to pay respects since it is currently used more often in place of my SLR (not for too much longer though!).