Thursday, March 18, 2010

Esme's Room

This poor room.  When we moved in August, a week before Esme was due, I decided I wanted the same look as Stella's nursery in our previous house.  We had painstakingly measured, penciled, taped, painted, re-taped, repainted creamy beige on beige stripes.  Since Esme was an planned emergency cesarean, we knew we had exactly one week to get her nursery done.   I was semi nesting, and on bed rest, and also going crazy that we were living out of boxes very quickly approaching a family of four.  So Ben began the measuring and taping process.   The first off white stripes were applied...beautiful.  Then the second, creamier stripes were painted, only they weren't very creamy.  Something was wrong.  This was not the right color.  Imagine a cold gray white stripes with a creamy, warm, beige-y white.  Imagine a 10 month pregnant Mama looking at the discolorment, cursing Lowe's, and realizing there was no time left to change this.  Towards the end of my maternity leave, I grabbed the sage green intended for the Master bathroom and started painting the beloved stripes.  I needed something that didn't hurt to look at.  The end result matched, and was prettier to look at, but I thought it didn't "fit."  Esme is so sweet and pretty.  I felt like she needed more than the neutral, green and yellow.   After looking at Ashley's (Under the Sycamore) nursery I was inspired.  I borrowed her idea for a ceiling fixture and thought of Sherbet (think lime, orange, lemon).
The wall with the window is a very light orange.  The rest of the walls are cream. 
These are both Etsy prints.  Most of the art/prints in our house is now from Etsy if not random photos.  The print with the two birds watching over their egg is how I felt with Esme.  We had so many ultrasounds, and then the emergency cesarean, I felt like we were watching over her constantly.  
I still have some butterflies to put on the wall, but I am pretty happy with it.  Esme loves the ceiling fixture above the rocking chair. It is pretty, like Esme.  Thank you Ashley for the inspiration.
  One last shot.  This is a painting my Mom did for Stella's nursery.  I have kept it in Esme's room because it matches, but I think it also fits her; she is such a happy baby.  I plan to take this to Hobby Lobby to get framed in something chunky...and pretty.  The Butterflies would look good over here too.

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  1. her room is beautiful. love the colors and the name above her bed. and the balls of color above the chair, oh too cute. thanks for stopping by my blog the other day! have a great first week of spring~