Friday, March 5, 2010

My Beans

Let me elaborate some.  In the first sonogram picture of Stella, I thought the shape resembled more of a "jelly bean" over the ever popular term "peanut."  The thought came to me again when I would sling her.  Her mold would create a little jelly bean in the snug wraps that she adored to be carried in.  So, I called her my "jelly bean."  That soon led to "Stelly Bean," and then eventually "Stella Bean."  Stella answers to Stella, Stella Bean and even just Bean.  Since Esme has blessed our family, I have yet to found her term of endearment; or so I thought.  When she loved the slings as much as Stella I told her she was another "jelly bean."  We did in fact see her ultrasound picture even earlier; she really did look like a jelly bean!  But, "Esme Bean" just isn't catchy, so I have referred to her as "little bean" once or twice.  Stella has caught on and will talk to Esme in her specially reserved voice, and call her "little beans."  Oh...ok...sold now; Little Bean it is.  Poor Esme.  Poor Stella.  I love my own pet names.  Ben calls me "darling."  My Mom calls me "sweetie."  How great are those?  They are coated in sugar and give me warm fuzzies when I hear them.  Hopefully the girls will understand someday why they are my beans.  My special jelly beans from ultrasound pictures to a newborns in slings. 

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