Thursday, June 24, 2010

What You Can't See

I think Esme has communicated her third word.  I am convinced actually.  I say 'communicated' because one word is a sign.  In this order:
1. Dada
2.  sign: MORE
3.  Stella (Lelah)
In the morning, she will point her puffy little hand at Stella and say, "Lelah!  Lelah!"  Then she laughs and kicks. 

The other morning, Stella slept late.  Like 9 am late. Wow, right?  Esme woke up at 6 am on this morning...figures.  I heard her wake through the monitor.  I cracked the door and whispered, "Good Morning."   She was curled up in her duvet, only her head peaking out.  She smiled, then whipped the covers back and asked us to lay with her (heart melting at this point and hoping she will do the same thing 30 years from now).  I crawled in bed with her, Esme between us.  Stella then stroked Esme's hair for a while and said, "I love you baby!"  She then kissed me on my forehead and said, "I love you too Mama."  Liquid.  I am total liquid.  She can be so sweet.  This may have been the same day she dumped her open cup of milk on the floor out of frustration. 

Happy Birthday Ben!

Ben's birthday was two days ago.  Knowing we would not be able to celebrate (bummer on a Tuesday, right?), I planted little gifts all over for him to find through out the day.  A constant reminder that I love him and a Happy Birthday!  I also made these.  Mmm...good.
Sharing a cupcake.  Stella told Daddy "Happy Birthday" several times, but she also added that it was her birthday too.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Daddy's Day

What a wonderful day.  I hope you enjoyed it Ben!  We didn't do much, but good food, good moods from kiddos and some relaxing with a Starbucks makes for a good day.  I had hoped for bigger things, Stella was begging for the pool, but we were so tired (our baby girl didn't sleep for half the night, which is unusual)! Never the less, we enjoyed our time together.  It was fitting that Stella was a Daddy's girl today too. Check out the photos!
A tea party in the morning.  Every time I came near, Stella told me to go, 
she was having tea and cake with Daddy!
 Later, she helped Daddy clean the table for Lunch outside.
Don't worry, the deck is not finished.
So much love in this picture.  Stella is blowing raspberries on Esme's stomach.
I left Ben and the girls for a little while to go on a quick errand.  Here are some shots from when they playing.
She found an old bag in my night stand.  I think Daddy might be encouraging this.
Then, we pulled the sprinkler out for some splash time while steaks were grilling.
Slowing down here; reflecting on the sprinkler.
Drying off.
We love you.

Stella's First Movie

I am pretty sure Ben and I were more excited than Stella was for her first "movie theater" experience.  We have watched and encouraged Stella's love for Toy Story 1 and 2.  We love Pixar and knew when Toy Story 3 came out, it would be time.  We bought her a T-shirt, watched the first two in the last few days and shortened Stella's nap in order to make the 2 O'clock show.  Ben and I are still talking about her taking it in.  We gave Stella her very own ticket, we watched her give it to the "ticket taker" like she knew what she was supposed to.  We smiled at the way she walked with a purpose heading towards the big double doors where she saw other children going.  The awe in her face, when we turned the corner to see a mountain of seats and the biggest "tv" she had ever seen is burnt in my mind.  I can still see her raised eyebrows and dropped jaw when Buzz finally made it to the screen.  She looked at me, looked at Ben, as if to ask if this was really happening.  She laughed so loud a few times, I was surprised to realize the noise came from my girl.  She had her own little cup of popcorn, that was still full at the end of the movie - she had been too distracted to eat it. During the middle...SHE ASKED TO GO TO THE BATHROOM.  I am sorry to admit, I was nervous and made her wear a Pull Up diaper, just in case she became too involved in the movie.  I held her hand, out of the dark theater towards the bathroom, and she went.  It was her first time on a big public potty (they usually scare her).  She raced ahead of me back to the theater, she was in a she might be missing something.  It was great. I was happy to hear her talking about it tonight; the BIG MOVIES she calls it, while spreading her arms as wide as she can.  Absolutely Priceless.
Outside, on our way in.
 In our seats, before the movie.  Gotta love the camera phone quality.

 Leaving the theater, still carrying her popcorn cup.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Help Wildlife

One of my favorite blogger Moms had this great idea to involve her children with aiding the marines healing the wildlife affected by the oil spill.  I don't have nearly the amount of followers/readers that she does, but I think anything would help.  It makes me sad to see these animals hurting, dying.
Go here.  The girls and I are going to the dollar store or goodwill tomorrow.
Yeah, that's a good idea!

Stella's Phone

No, actually that is MY phone.  I have downloaded some i-phone apps to entertain Stella on the plane (in a few weeks).  We thought we would let her practice some so she isn't clueless or worse, frustrated while on the plane.  I found some great things that aren't too "gamey."  Here, she is playing Memory.  I love watching her concentrate.  She gets sooo excited when she finds a match. 
Snacking in between flipping some cards...
Oh man, she looks like such a girl here; painted toe nails, crossed legs, long hair.

Block a Baby

Sometimes, I need to leave the room.  Sometimes, I need to use the restroom, or get a drink, or remove food from the oven.  The play room is not in sight from the kitchen or ear shot of the bathroom.  This baby cannot be trusted.  Here is my solution:
Notice the ottoman on the left...the chair on it's side on the right. Keep the baby in the giant pen!   Notice the table in the background?  Only because of this make shift blockade was I able to start painting Stella's table (the $5 one from the yard sale - maybe it will be finished tomorrow?).   See the bright pink poster on the right?  That is Stella's potty poster.  She is doing so well.  She has only had accidents during nap time (yeah!).  I am cheating at night though...pull ups.  Now, more baby...
"I will escape Mama!!! The chair is missing!"
The kitchen after one escape.  I allowed this one since I just cleaned the floors.  We are so in for it when she starts walking.