Wednesday, November 30, 2011

This and That

I have a few projects I am working on.  When I am not using nap times for dates with Felicity on Netflix while on the treadmill, or reading a library book, or getting sucked into pinterest, I have a few things that will occupy me that do not involve tearing out drywall (is it strange that I miss paint in my hair or the application of grout?).
 Pink Fabric.  I may have had a little mishap with a dye project. 
 Once I can redeem myself with this, I will share the oopsy.

 It really isn't this gold and bright.  It is the same color I used on the chalkboard frame in our previous kitchen.  I am debating on black/oil rubbed bronze or pewter for hardware. Hmmmmm....

 I wish I could tape record myself or Ben in order to share with you the voice we use for Callie dog.
  But she was seriously talking to me here.

Oh Daddy...hope you can hold them in until the girls look. sure to note the "yellow dress" Esme is sporting; more on that later.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sledding Down the Mountain

Ok, not really a mountain.  But, Stella thinks the foothills are mountains and with this being one of the largest hills she has ever sled down...she did refer to it as a "baby mountain."
It was so much fun getting pics of this.  I love every shot.
 I did not envy Ben carrying baby girls up this hill.
 Getting ready.  He figured it was best not to start at the very top.  
You know, get a feel for this baby mountain first.

 I love how Ben's feet are stuck in for breaks and Stella looks like she could go faster.

Still not the entire hill.  Just Stella this time.

 Action shots.

It just makes me laugh.  

Just Esme.

 "Daddy, look!! A snowball!"  (As Stella and Ben are sliding down the baby mountain)

 Stella doesn't play in the snow with out leaving her mark.  Snow Angels!

She started to cry when she sled down the hill. She started to cry when she was left behind.  She told me she was coooold.  When we decided to leave...she sat down on the sled and cried that she didn't want to go.  
Oh, the life of a two year old.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving in Winter Park

According to my reading list of blogs, I may be one of the only bloggers who took a break for Thanksgiving? Well here is my delayed post.
I love the mountains, and we were lucky enough to spend the Holiday in Winter Park with some good friends.  It was soooo pretty.  Not too cold.  It even snowed a tad.
 Ummm...yeah...the view from the giant windows in the condo.

 Stella, experiencing some static electricity.  The camera does not do it justice.  
At first, she seriously looked like a Medusa. 

 Kara, this is just for you.  There may have been a two step mishap with the pecan pie.  A pan was missing under the pie, so a little Karo syrup mixture may have over flowed onto the oven floor.  When a pan was place on the rack and the pie was entering the oven to it's new home...half the pecan goodness may have slipped over and out! No worries, a little spatula work saved and returned most of it.  Still tasted great.  Ummm...remember the yummo Karo that was crusting on the oven floor?  Well did you know that creates a good amount of smoke if baked? That is the story of the Thanksgiving Pecan Pie of 2011.
 Shove it in my pie hole!  Yummmm yum nummmy yum!

 Stella was so excited to be on a "bonk" bed.  
 LOVE this pictures of the kids.  Pretty fitting.  The two older girls together and Esme looking at Tobias with interest..."What are we going to do to disrupt this two?"

 Love Mountain towns.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Nap Hair

Esme woke up from nap and came down looking like this...

Some of this is not surprising, I need to do a post regarding what these girls sleep with.  But, the shades and the hat, those are new and I have no idea, if she actually slept in them.   

She did play in them.  She looks a little reggae.

That is better, see this is what you should look like after nap time.  A little disheveled.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Quick Art

Esme's wall needed a piece of art.  I didn't want to buy anything yet, as I haven't found the perfect piece.  Her room carries a color theme but the art is more eclectic, which I love.  Stella's is a little more put together, the way she likes things...matching.  I was looking through my art closet, which happens to hold gift bags and wrappings as well, and came across this cute bag.  The colors were perfect.

I also pulled out a girly, ornate, frame, and a double picture matting.  I needed another cutesy to frame.  I remembered this owl that my good friend, Betsi, sent Esme.  Perfect.

I cute up the bag and was able to give the owl picture the same back ground as the cupcake.

Esme loves it.  She calls it her "Happy Birthday Cupcake."

Friday, November 18, 2011

Monsters VS Aliens

Do you know that movie?  Are you familiar with the Halloween special with the Monsters vs mutant pumpkins?  Ben picked it up from Best Buy super cheap knowing that Stella liked it last year.  Esme may have been a little too young for it this year but, we are running into that often these days.  Just like she crawled, walked and jumped sooner than Stella, she also experiences different foods, toys and media sooner that Stella did.   I mean, seriously, Harry Potter at two?
Well, she may have been a little spooked the first time she watched this Halloween movie and as a result, Stella took it upon herself to be ultimate protector and comforter.  Just to mention, it was only the first viewing that Esme seemed uneased, anytime following that, she had started laughing at it. Stella reacted the same every time.

"I must protect and comfort my little sister!"

Thursday, November 17, 2011

So Many Leaves

If I could take anything from this rental with us to the house we buy, it would be the yard...ok, besides the mud/laundry room.  HOWEVER, there are a few trees on one side that have dropped a lot of leaves.  A LOT.  We've done leaves before.  Our first house was crazy.  But, yard work gets harder with kids.  Since the girls have started playing together more, I thought I would get some bagging done.  They thought it looked like fun and ended up taking over.

We don't have one of those leaf clamper/grabber things, so I used both the girls' little rakes to scoop up large amounts.  Stella took them, and attempted the same method.

Then there is Callie, who decided the pile of leaves I raked was actually a bed.


...and deposit into the bag.

Do you think she is proud of herself?
Then little bit decided she needed to take part in this activity.  Of course she did.  
She can't let Stella do anything without doing it herself.


I think she lost most of the leaves before actually making it to the trash bag.  

My progress definitely slowed, but the girls had fun.  Esme was easily distracted by a stick, I mean wand, 
she raked up.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Martha's Home Latte

I love Lattes.  I love the foam on top.  Unfortunately it can be expensive and inconvenient to frequent the coffee shops all the time.  I happen to catch Martha a month or so ago sharing her tips on making the perfect Latte at home if you do NOT have an espresso machine or a fancy milk frother.  It works for me!

First, pour your milk in a microwaveable container with a lid.  
I used an old salsa jar, we try to not to microwave in plastics.

Then you shake, shake, shake, so you get bubbles, bubbles, bubbles.

Then, take lid off and microwave for 45 seconds.

Pour into your espresso, coffee or in my case Chai tea.

Ahhh...Latte at home with airy milk done cheap.