Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Monday night we ventured to Nebraska Furniture Mart as a family.  This is difficult to do following a work day!  Esme slept while we were there, Stella rode in the the "cart car"  with quite the amusement.  She wanted to lay on all the mattresses and pretend to sleep.  She wanted to sit on all the couches and pretend on all the children's furniture.  Most of all, Stella wanted to ride the "Alligator."
Stella:  Come on Mama, let's go ride the Alligator.
Me:  Huh?  The ESCALATOR??
Stella: Yeah, the Alligator.

Are you smiling?  I am.

Later that night...
Ben was putting Stella down for bed.  They like to look out the window sometimes and talk about what they see (second story).   Stella stopped the conversation to talk about the plane she heard, "It's going to Colorado Daddy."  About three to four times a year, Stella rides on a plane to Colorado.  She thinks they are all going there now.  Ben nodded and then asked if she knew what State we live in?  Stella answered, "Kansas!!!"  She then shot back to Ben, "You know our President Daddy?...It's Obama!!!" 

Ben and I are biased, but we think our two year old is pretty special.

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