Sunday, March 7, 2010

Big Weekend

This weekend, Ben and I were not productive on the house (I swear the bathroom really is done - just need towel racks up).
Saturday night we ventured to a local pizza shop WITH both girls.  This may be silly to some, but this was our first time to restaurant with both girls.  We do not eat out very often and the thought of juggling Esme and Stella frightened us a little.  I am happy to say we survived and will do it again.  Stella was in a brilliant mood.  We even fed Esme her food there.  Of course we are still on the clock; fingers are crossed that the food doesn't take too long, the server is nice, both girls stay happy and drinks/food all stay with in their rightful containers.
I am disappointed I do not have pictures of this event.  In fact, I was not a good picture taker this entire weekend.  Ben and I had friends over following church today for brunch (which was delicious and so much fun).  I was so caught up in the chit chat and watching the girls, I didn't get enough good pictures.  (I did catch a glimpse of myself - seriously baby weight, you and I need to talk!)  It was so nice to talk with adults our age with kids our kids age.  Get that? 
Amanda - in case you are reading this, Ben and I promise not to turn into Monica and Chandler (Friends Episode - the one where they harass new couple friends)!
Beautiful Paige - she is only two months younger than Esme

If only you could see the rest of the room.  It was fun to see these two in action.


This little one had a big weekend too.  Saturday, Ben and I noticed she has cut her first tooth!  Hopefully she cuts all her teeth with ease.   We also found she started rolling to her tummy...on purpose, voluntarily.  Hmmm...may need to dig out those gates soon. 

Later this week, I hope to have pictures of the Esme's recently updated room and of course the bathroom.  I also picked up some green felt for St Patty's Day...

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