Wednesday, November 30, 2011

This and That

I have a few projects I am working on.  When I am not using nap times for dates with Felicity on Netflix while on the treadmill, or reading a library book, or getting sucked into pinterest, I have a few things that will occupy me that do not involve tearing out drywall (is it strange that I miss paint in my hair or the application of grout?).
 Pink Fabric.  I may have had a little mishap with a dye project. 
 Once I can redeem myself with this, I will share the oopsy.

 It really isn't this gold and bright.  It is the same color I used on the chalkboard frame in our previous kitchen.  I am debating on black/oil rubbed bronze or pewter for hardware. Hmmmmm....

 I wish I could tape record myself or Ben in order to share with you the voice we use for Callie dog.
  But she was seriously talking to me here.

Oh Daddy...hope you can hold them in until the girls look. sure to note the "yellow dress" Esme is sporting; more on that later.

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