Friday, November 18, 2011

Monsters VS Aliens

Do you know that movie?  Are you familiar with the Halloween special with the Monsters vs mutant pumpkins?  Ben picked it up from Best Buy super cheap knowing that Stella liked it last year.  Esme may have been a little too young for it this year but, we are running into that often these days.  Just like she crawled, walked and jumped sooner than Stella, she also experiences different foods, toys and media sooner that Stella did.   I mean, seriously, Harry Potter at two?
Well, she may have been a little spooked the first time she watched this Halloween movie and as a result, Stella took it upon herself to be ultimate protector and comforter.  Just to mention, it was only the first viewing that Esme seemed uneased, anytime following that, she had started laughing at it. Stella reacted the same every time.

"I must protect and comfort my little sister!"

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