Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Squirrel and the Pumpkin(s)

Two pumpkin patches and four pumpkins through October.  We did not get to carve pumpkins this year.  We were victims of vandalism.

Here is the culprit...
Shortly after I took this picture, he turned to me and started chattering.  I ran inside.

He was really starting to look a little chubby.  This was all in one day.

Do you see that belly???? This was right after he crawled inside the original hole, got stuck, apparently panicked, knocked the pumpkin over and squeezed himself out.
Why I did not think of spraying the other pumpkins after this incident, I do not know.  The next day (Sunday)...we came back after running errands in the morning and afternoon to find our three other pumpkins had been attacked as well.  He brought friends.
After the girls' nap, we went to four different stores near by to get some new pumpkins for carving...they were sold out.  Not even a baby pumpkin to be had.  No carving for us.
Esme didn't know what she was missing.  But Stella was pretty sad.  Nothing "Spooky Buddies" couldn't fix.
Darn Squirrel.  Next year, I will come out fighting.

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