Monday, November 21, 2011

Quick Art

Esme's wall needed a piece of art.  I didn't want to buy anything yet, as I haven't found the perfect piece.  Her room carries a color theme but the art is more eclectic, which I love.  Stella's is a little more put together, the way she likes things...matching.  I was looking through my art closet, which happens to hold gift bags and wrappings as well, and came across this cute bag.  The colors were perfect.

I also pulled out a girly, ornate, frame, and a double picture matting.  I needed another cutesy to frame.  I remembered this owl that my good friend, Betsi, sent Esme.  Perfect.

I cute up the bag and was able to give the owl picture the same back ground as the cupcake.

Esme loves it.  She calls it her "Happy Birthday Cupcake."

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