Thursday, November 17, 2011

So Many Leaves

If I could take anything from this rental with us to the house we buy, it would be the yard...ok, besides the mud/laundry room.  HOWEVER, there are a few trees on one side that have dropped a lot of leaves.  A LOT.  We've done leaves before.  Our first house was crazy.  But, yard work gets harder with kids.  Since the girls have started playing together more, I thought I would get some bagging done.  They thought it looked like fun and ended up taking over.

We don't have one of those leaf clamper/grabber things, so I used both the girls' little rakes to scoop up large amounts.  Stella took them, and attempted the same method.

Then there is Callie, who decided the pile of leaves I raked was actually a bed.


...and deposit into the bag.

Do you think she is proud of herself?
Then little bit decided she needed to take part in this activity.  Of course she did.  
She can't let Stella do anything without doing it herself.


I think she lost most of the leaves before actually making it to the trash bag.  

My progress definitely slowed, but the girls had fun.  Esme was easily distracted by a stick, I mean wand, 
she raked up.

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  1. Hi Mandy! Its Julianne. How have you been? Its been such a long time! Your family is gorgeous! Hope all is well!