Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I'm Baaaaaaaaack!

After a fairly quick relocation (as in STATE to STATE), and a broken computer...I am back.

As a result of a new opportunity for Ben, we are blessed enough to have relocated to the beautiful state of COLORADO.  I feel like we are finally settling in a bit and it is time for me to get back on track.  I miss blogging and projects and am ready to dive in.
Fortunately, our KS house sold in 30 days (tear...miss that brick colonial).  After living apart for over two months, Ben and I decided to get the family back together vs looking and looking for a new home.  As a result, we are renting a house in CO for our first year here.  Also a good idea, considering I have crossed out a hand full of suburbs I do not want to live in that were originally on the list.  But seriously, what is the fine print with this?  I can NOT paint the cabinets here, or replace counter tops or paint freely!  I know...I know...this is somewhat a tragedy for me.  Don't worry...I am still finding ways to express creativity.

I also have a few things in the works for the blog.  I would like to set up a little shop and a favorite recipes link.  With the changes blogger has made we will see how long this takes.  I am not the biggest fan of customizing and rewriting computer language!

In the meantime, I hope you haven't forgotten me, keep visiting, and check out some pics of the girls!
 I want to share with all of you that have wee little ones...Four.  Four is the age that you will see the official change to "girl" or "boy."  You catch glimpses of it at three...but the toddler officially fades at four.  It is so bittersweet. Be sure to keep a journal of conversations you have when they are four because it is also when the imagination really starts to kick into gear!

 Our first snow in Colorado.  The weather has not been very different from Kansas (minus the HUMIDITY). However, apparently there is a big snowstorm every October; the natives count on it.  Sure enough, 8-10 inches came and went.  But it was fun wet snow...the girls loved it!

 We are so blessed...they really LIKE eachother.  Esme adores Stella and will model and follow her everywhere.  Don't get me wrong, though...there are still some good sister fights.

 We may have let our two year old watch Harry Potter (1&2).  Was she scared?  NO.  She LOVES it.  She calls him "Harry Hopper."  When playing outside...every stick is a wand.  This fallen branch was the biggest wand yet.  She yells, "AbraCadabra!!!"

 Drinking and posing with some apple cider at a Pumpkin Festival.

If children dressed up, they were free admission.  They didn't have costumes at this point, but dress up clothes work all the same.  That is not cheating the system...is it?

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