Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving in Winter Park

According to my reading list of blogs, I may be one of the only bloggers who took a break for Thanksgiving? Well here is my delayed post.
I love the mountains, and we were lucky enough to spend the Holiday in Winter Park with some good friends.  It was soooo pretty.  Not too cold.  It even snowed a tad.
 Ummm...yeah...the view from the giant windows in the condo.

 Stella, experiencing some static electricity.  The camera does not do it justice.  
At first, she seriously looked like a Medusa. 

 Kara, this is just for you.  There may have been a two step mishap with the pecan pie.  A pan was missing under the pie, so a little Karo syrup mixture may have over flowed onto the oven floor.  When a pan was place on the rack and the pie was entering the oven to it's new home...half the pecan goodness may have slipped over and out! No worries, a little spatula work saved and returned most of it.  Still tasted great.  Ummm...remember the yummo Karo that was crusting on the oven floor?  Well did you know that creates a good amount of smoke if baked? That is the story of the Thanksgiving Pecan Pie of 2011.
 Shove it in my pie hole!  Yummmm yum nummmy yum!

 Stella was so excited to be on a "bonk" bed.  
 LOVE this pictures of the kids.  Pretty fitting.  The two older girls together and Esme looking at Tobias with interest..."What are we going to do to disrupt this two?"

 Love Mountain towns.

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