Thursday, December 1, 2011

Yellow Dress and Make-Up

I was cleaning out some clothing bins and reorganizing.  Esme saw this yellow shirt and claimed it as a yellow dress. Yellow is her favorite color right now, so this was very exciting for her.
 Let me tell you about this yellow "dress."  It is really a maternity shirt.  A maternity shirt that I have only been able to wear when I am 10 months pregnant and swollen from a Kansas August, otherwise it was always too big.  Esme insisted on wearing it. After watching her struggle with tripping on it and realizing she was not going to take it off any time soon, I tied the back up.
 She wore it to play in.
 She wore it over jammies to sleep in.

 She wore it for three days straight.  She wore it to Target.  Hey, you have to pick your battles.
 She wore it to cast spells and eat Yogurt in.
She eventually moved onto the red sparkle shoes.  This is our second pair of shoes to attach to.  
The first - pink boots.  She even napped in them.  

Stella found my make up.  She said she put make up on her eyes just like mommy.  
Hmmm...I didn't think I did smoky eye brows.

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