Wednesday, November 9, 2011


A Pony!  A Unicorn!  A Fairy Princess!  Rapunzel!

These are all proclamations at one time or another of what Stella wanted to be for Halloween.  A couple weeks before, she finally settled on Rapunzel and wanted Esme to be Pascal, the chameleon friend.  Since Stella was a green dragon a couple years ago, we decided that could pass for Pascal on Esme.  Rapunzel was easy enough...or so I thought.  I just didn't like the Rapunzel costumes at the stores for $25-$30.  Maybe the Disney store's version of the dress would have been more...substantial.  But that was $40...with out any hair!
SO.....I checked out Goodwill and found this dress for $5.

 I bought some RIT purple dye and some plain purple fabric.  Then got to cutting and sewing.

This is at her school party.  I cut off all the gold frilly stuff, put a purple layer around the skirt and a panel with the pink ribbon crossing over the bodice.  I may have also made the sleeves short.  Stella brought her doll down to compare after every adjustment.  "Mommy, there needs to be a pink bow RIGHT here."

Pretty close...Stella did mention that Rapunzel "has flowers on the inside part."  Good thing distraction still works on her.

The hair was tricky.  I knew that there was no way Stella would keep an itchy wig on.  So instead of spend $10-$20 on a real Rapunzel wig, I bough a cheap plain blond one.  I cut it up into sections and hot glued it onto pony tail holders.  Stella LOVED it; said "it looked like Rapunzel's hair when she and Flynn Rider went into the village and danced." (Whew!)

These were all taken at Stella's school party.  It was a little crowded and hard to get good pictures.  But here is Pascal.  Esme could have cared less what she looked like this long as she was dressed up in something.  She insisted on wearing the paws/claws to the point of trying to eat in them.

Yup.  That's our trick-or-treating group.  Two princesses and their dragons.

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