Monday, December 19, 2011

Tis the Season

Stella's first school Christmas program was last week.  It was so cute.  I laughed so hard watching the toddlers to three year old classes sing/yell/stand there.  Stella's pre-K class preformed wonderfully.  They sang Meke Kalikimaka wearing sunglasses and some choreography.  Hilarious.  Then got serious with Silent Night along with sign language!!  Stella has been singing it around the house the last couple weeks and Esme has picked up a few moves and words/sign language.
 There she is, red candy cane dress.  
I didn't get many pictures as I chose to record it instead.  I could definitely hear her from where I was sitting...far away.  Esme was so excited to see her "Stelly" on stage she started to run towards it.

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