Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Let's Talk About Comfort

How about bedtime comfort?  I just need to be cold enough to snuggle under blankets and that is my comfort.  The girls' have other things in mind.

Here is Stella's Bed this morning...
 Oh, excuse my manners, let me introduce you.  This is Dolly, Blanky (which she has actually slept with since about 10 months old), bunny, Rapunzel, Rainbow Dog, Unicorny the pillow pet and last, Pink Unicorn.  Stella sleeps right there in the middle.  Do you see that little spot?  This is the order they have to be placed in every night as well.

Not to be out done, is little sister Esme (who HAS TO DO EVERYTHING her big sister does)...
These are neccessities,  Singy, her Water, Violet (which is the only original sleep item from about 6 months old), OX, Bear, Cinderella, Belle, and ball (do you see it?), and of course her pillow pet actually used as a pillow named, "BUG." To be completely honest, this picture is missing "Baby," which is lugged everywhere and is the reason for missing the photo.  Also missing are the books.  I have already been in and picked up her room this morning, but she usually has a good amount of books piled to the side that she likes to sleep with.  Occasionally, she feels the need to sleep with her Lightening McQueen car.

Should I mention that both girls also fall to sleep to a Children's CD?

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