Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Snow Day

We had a snow day last Thursday.  We usually do the library on Thursdays, then the park next to the library, maybe a little Target, sometimes a girls' date at Starbucks.  It is a day that Stella is home, so I try to have some out of the house activities.  BUT, we had a pretty big snow day AND it was cold, so the girls couldn't play outside (even though they asked...a lot).

 Since we couldn't make snowmen outside...we made them inside.

 Esme did not care for the cotton balls sticking to her fingers.  

Of course, Stella was in ultra concentration mode.

 We got serious about the weather with some hot chocolate.

Stella helped Esme with her TAG, then they pulled out the "Big Girl" TAG and did them too.
**By the way, this is on my favorite things list.  For you Moms reading...buy this.

We did a water activity at the sink.  I just gathered some things from drawers and the bath tub.  Messy, BUT well worth it.  The girls played together at the sink for more than 30 min.  That is what I call a great activity. 
 Note to self...another thing I would take from this house...the sink.

I filled the sink with warm water and added dish soap (I use the "pure" and natural lines so it wasn't harsh for the girls).

Away they play.

 We did lots of winter and holiday themed puzzles.

We had "dry erase" time.  I am not sure why, but these markers are sometimes more entertaining for them over the regular ones and crayons.  I have found washable dry erase markers (especially for Esme).

SO....this was all before nap.  I did not take pictures of the normal play in between.  I was grateful for nap time.  Afterwards, I gave in to TV, but keeping with the theme we watched POLAR EXPRESS.  It was a fun day, but I am thankful that snow days are not every day.

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