Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Grinch Gift

Every week I take the girls to story time at one of our libraries.  They love it.  The librarians are so great, they sing songs in between the stories to keep the attention of the little ones and there is a separate story time for Stella's age group, so they get longer stories and more challenging songs.  Today I tried a different location...Pottery Barn Kids.  I get these emails all the time to come join and this week was The Grinch.  I thought, ok, we'll give it ago.  First of all, I love me some PB.  I usually stalk their clearance (especially online, have I ever shared with you the secret prices?).  Although, I have never taken the girls there before, they LOVED this store.  Well no kidding, you have to go through five "bedrooms," three kitchen sets, a few dolls and strollers, and a vanity with a pretend blow dryer (ok, I admit, I really enjoyed watching Esme pretend to do her hair), JUST to get to the corner where the story time takes place.  Once there, the kids get to sit in the cute comfy chairs and listen.  Stella of course was glued and Esme lost interest about halfway through.  The Grinch is a long story with not very many pictures, in mostly black and white no less.  No worries, she climbed into a bed and pretended to go to sleep while looking at a Batman book.  Following the story, the kids were able to gather at a table and color Christmas themed pictures.  It was cute, go five times and you get $10 off (per child).  But, still, I enjoy the library better.

My real meaning to this entry is what happened after we arrived home.  We were given cute Grinch wrapping paper that Stella assumed her own.  She decided that she needed to use it to wrap her own Grinch book.
 She told me this was to be her friend, Isabelle's, Christmas gift.  I tried to convince her that we could go to Target and pick out something new for Isabelle.
 "NO Mommy, this is perfect.  She will love this book in the Grinch paper." 
 OKaaaayeeee.....this Mama knows when to just let things happen (well until she forgets, hopefully).

 She loves a good pose, when she hears the camera shutter.

So proud.  

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  1. I think she's better at wrapping than I am! :)