Wednesday, February 10, 2010

This Morning & Dirty Yellow Paint

Stella was able to wake up on her own this morning (we didn't have to send the dog in to wake her for school).  This allows for a wonderful, sweet toddler.  These are the moods that make me forget everything about being "two."
I am so thankful she loves Esme as much as she does.  There is that the "look" from Esme again.  I hope they are always "in love" with each other this much.

Computer time - that is a seriously involved face. Crossing my fingers for Rhodes Scholar. 

New paints! She was sooooo excited.

Mama's hearts...

Hard at work...(I want those eye lashes)

Stella's hearts

Ok...I know she is two, so I am letting it go.  But, the dirty yellow paint is killing me. I try to explain about cleaning the brush before you use another paint.  I even explained that once you dirty the yellow, it will never be the same.  She just looks at me with those big blue eyes like I'm crazy then sticks her blackened paint brush in the white.  Someday...?

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