Thursday, February 18, 2010

Germs, Painting, Naps

Stella switched from in home day care to pre-pre-school in January.  After one cold (which never seemed to go away), that eventually resulted in ear infections in both ears, she now has strep! Blah.  Until now, she had only averaged 1-2 colds a year (she did have an ear infection last year).  Can any one tell me if her immune system will eventually build up more resistance to other two year olds?  Poor baby girl.  I have given into lots of TV (her favorite movies) and sugar.  After watching her eat only a few apple slices in an entire day, I am buying strawberry shakes.
On a happier note, the bathroom is nearing completion.  Ben and I have been painting every night this week after the girls go down.  The vanity is a beast.  I am now in fear of the kitchen.  I am hoping the next pictures I post are of the bathroom...cross your fingers!  Advice:  when "they" say to label your cabinet doors so you know exactly where they came from and can return them as such...listen! They may all look the same but a smidgen bigger or smaller here and there results in six doors not where they belong.  We still haven't figured it out.
Esme...the human pretzel during a diaper change.  Does anyone notice the stickers on the pillow?  Stella thought the brown chenille was a little boring.
New Wings

Happiness after a nap

After Stella's nap.  She decided she did not want to sleep in her toddler bed.  She made a little pallet, and then surrounded herself with books and animals.


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