Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Stella's Incident

Yesterday we received an incident report from Stella's new school.  She was involved in a little tiff with a little boy.  Before I go further into details... 
I feel like Ben and I have been able to avoid a lot of melt downs and physical anger the past two years by equipping Stella with words and language.  She started signing shortly after six months and soon spoke single words and then short sentences between one and two years and then on and on.  I have NEVER seen her bite anyone other then herself (she has bitten her hand when she was mad at us).  You know where I am going?
Now for the incident.  It was towards the end of the day, Stella was playing with a toy.  Apparently, a little boy wanted to play with the same toy, Stella of course said, "no."   So, the little boy hit her on her back!  (on her back, seriously?)  Then, Stella reacted and bit him on his cheek.  FYI, the teachers saw everything and just were unable to get there in time.  There was no blood or strong indentations.
We did talk to Stella later in the evening at the dinner table about what happened and how we do not hit or bite (imagine light conversation).  BUT, is it bad that Ben and I actually laughed about the scenario and were slightly proud of Stella?  She didn't cry when she was hit, she didn't tattle, she took matters into her own hands and stood up to a BOY!  You go girl!  I mean, no, we do not react with violence...ever.  (ever?)

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