Thursday, February 11, 2010

TaDa! Completion!

Remember the window frames I mentioned a few weeks ago?  I have finished them.  I got this idea from another blogger who did this with a french door.  I lost my link to her and can not remember her blog name.  If anyone knows, please comment - she also has a great "how to."   I couldn't find an old french door, but found these old windows instead ($1 for both).   I painted and distressed the windows, made mattings from fabric and fixed the pictures to them with double sided tape.


This black one is for my parents.

This one if for the girls' bathroom.   Their bathroom is accented with black and white with cream walls.  I chose a bright color and whimsical fabric to make the room more youthful.

EDITED 03/17:
Thanks for the comments everyone!  Monica - thank you for the link to the french door tutorial.  She definitely deserves the credit for this idea.  Here is the window on the wall in the bathroom:

I just screwed some hooks onto the back and used the wall hooks that hold up to 25 lbs to hang this.  Sarah, I first did a light sanding on the window frame and then painted it with e semi-gloss.  Following that I sanded the edges  down a little bit.  The window had been painted white before so some of showed through after I lightly sanded it.  I liked that.  For the photos...I bought a large poster size card stock from Hobby Lobby.  I then measured the window size using a piece of paper, cut it and then used that for the template to trace and cut my card stock squares.   I cut the fabric squares a little larger than the card stock and then hot glued them to the card stock.  The photos being level really was trial and error - I am decent at "eye balling" that thankfully.  I adhered them to the fabric squares with a few pieces of double sided tape (I didn't want to do anything too permanent).  Once placed in the window panels, I tacked in one framing nail in each opening to secure the picture.   Hopefully this makes time I will do a better job of documenting the process!


  1. The french door project & tutortial was at:

    I have it on my future to-do list! :)

    Great job on yours, by the way! I love the idea of using windows. Thanks for the inspiration

  2. That is a great idea, I have about 6 old windows that I had no idea what I was going to do with them. Thanks!

  3. Love the use of an old window to make a multi picture frame. I was wondering if you could post what you did. Did you just paint it. Did you make or buy photo matts? Or did you just just paper to fit the size and place a photo over the paper? All the photos look level, was that trial and error or did you adhear them to the paper?

  4. Sarah - I added some information to the window project I did. Thank you!!!

  5. Do you happen to know if the windows were originally painted with lead paint? I got some from a friend of mine and they came from a 100 year old barn. Don't know if the windows are that old or not..I honestly don't know what to do about the lead paint but I love what you did with your windows and I hope to do the same!