Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Spreading Thin

See this picture...
This is my dining room table, buried under everything I think I need to do right now.  To the left, is the Roman Shade I am making for the Kitchen.  In the top right hand corner is the laundry that is begging to be put away.  The Mod Podge and canvases are for the art I am making for the spare bedroom.  The Shutterfly (picture prints) and glue gun, are for a framing project.  Then there is the paint chips, sand paper and wood filler from the table but those are now carrying over to the framing project so can't be put away.  Look closely and you will see a couple items I have picked up for Stella's Valentine's gift.  There is the faucet that needs to be returned to Lowe's as I had Ben put a different fixture over this one.  There is also a onesie for Ben's boss and his new baby - I am going to do a monogram for it.  I seem to just be doing a little at a time on each thing.  It will feel good to get everything done.  It isn't like I have cleaning to do, or a kitchen to redo. Seriously.
Loving this fabric.  You will see this in use soon!
Around the house today
Love those hands

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