Thursday, January 26, 2012

Kites in January!

Say what?! Yes, as most of the midwest is experiencing above average temps, so is Colorado.  Even if we get a little dusting of snow coming down from the  mountains, it has not been sticking due to the sun and temps in the 50's.  Over this last weekend, the high was 60, and it was VERY windy.  Perfect for kites.

 It was amazing to see how excited these two girls were over watching something float in the air above them.

 Fly kite!  Fly!!!!  We can help you!!!

 This nice, and genuinely happy man was there with his family.  He called the girls over to help him fly his, bigger, fancier, cooler kite.  They took turns holding and steering the kite.  He seriously laughed as the girls held on with all their might to this large kite that was flying higher than ours ever did.  The girls were in awe.

We can never leave this park with out a little playground play.
 She is spinning.  She loves it; giggles the entire time.  When she gets down, she can't walk straight, stumbles, and maybe appears to have had a spiked drink of some sort.

Stella is becoming quite the climber and her balance is only improving with gymnastics.  But, does anyone else get extremely nervous when their child climbs to the top of the jungle, octagon, tower thingy?

p.s. Since the girls enjoyed the kites so much, we did buy a better one!

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