Friday, January 20, 2012

Art Display

Ok, project time.  I have seen several different versions of this and have always wanted to make it. I have a big blank wall and realized this project would be perfect to fill space, de-clutter my fridge and keep tape off the wall.  Ready? Here it is...

Very inexpensive, and I really, truly love it.  So do Ben and the girls, especially Stella.  
A little how to explanation?

 First Stop: Home Depot. I bought an 8 ft birch strip of wood (3 in wide) for under $5 and had the saw it in half.  Now, I could have saved money, even would have gotten pine, if I had bought the 50 cent scraps.  But (!), they only had 4 in strips and I was feeling particular about the 3 in. 

 Since, I did get a cheaper type of wood,
 I lightly sanded it removing the rough spots around the knots and edges.

 Then I painted it with paint we had on hand.  It was either black, white, or red.  Knowing this would eventually go in a play room when we move, I went bold!

 Once dry, I screwed on the frame hangers.

 Next up for supply list.  I chose regular bulldog clips, but they make different kinds now, extra large, square, colored, etc.
 As you can see, I spray painted mine.  I thought they were a bit too shiny for the bold red.  Then I measured out where I wanted them and Gorilla Glued them on.

 I couldn't help it.  I am very particular about distressing things.  It has to be the right piece and there can not be too much in one room.  I had this sample paint left over from a year ago and it was love at first sight.
Voila!  Now, had I not insisted to myself that the clips needed to be painted, this project would have been under $15!!! Had I found wood scraps I liked, it would have been under $10!!! Now go...go to Home depot and make a mini one or an extra large one for your office, or kitchen. 
 I think if you took the time to layer the wood to make it look like molding, it would be pretty snazzy in an office holding reminders, calendars or photos.  Right?!


  1. I like this one! Perhaps it will work in our new basement craft area! Plus, I used your idea from your last house in my kitchen -

    1. PS - In case you are wondering about this random person commenting on your blog. I'm a friend of Ben's from SCHS and starting following your blog after he put it up on FB. Good stuff! Thanks for blogging!