Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas Break

Yeah...ok...I may be the only blogger out there that took a Christmas break.  I mean we are talking from the computer completely.  The only internet access I had was through the phone.  It was nice.  But, it is time to get back into the swing of things.  Ben went back to work today, Stella school...I cleaned...and now it is time to blog.  I think Esme may start a new session of 'nastics tomorrow? Crud, need to check. Well, you will have to suffer through my late Christmas post...

We ventured to the Wildlife Museum's Winter Wonder Lights.  It was very cool.  There was a path through lights, reindeer, a little village with Santa and elves, the original Grinch in the IMAX theater 
and of course hot chocolate.
 Stella was very concerned about these Reindeer missing their magic...they weren't flying. 
 I absolutely LOVE how much the girls, especially Stella, believe in everything with their entire heart.   I would catch her whispering to our Elf, Theo, everyday.  

 Along the path on the Winter Wonder Lights...

 Hot Chocolate...yummy in my tummy.  They had these little stations along the way that offered hot drinks...and there was the option of having a little something special for adults.  
An Irish Coffee would have been perfect.

 Daddy...holding his girls up to the heater to warm up some while waiting to see Santa.

 Some of the little village...so cute, right?

Okay, we are not usually "wait in line for Santa" people. We have have been lucky enough to see Santa twice before this night. Once at an outlet mall, there was no line.  Santa even read Esme a book!  Then we saw Santa at a park during a Winter festival that happened to have only two people waiting.  I have to explain Esme LOVES visiting with Santa. In fact, every night when we would say Goodnight, Esme would exclaim, "Santa hold me Mama!"  "Santa read to me!"  "I sit on Santa's lap!"
During both previous visits, we could not get Stella to go near him.  She said she was "too shy."
BUT, this time she was ready. Grammie held our spot through most the line as we walked through the wonderland.  I was beginning to wonder if it was going to be worth it. It so was.
 Santa was AMAZING.  We have to visit Santa here every year, he was so amazing.

 He insisted Ben and I sit on his lap as well.  Can you tell I am cheese-ing it big time?

 Peeking in some village windows...

Okay, I am just going to cram it all in one post instead of several.  Here are our Gingerbread Houses this year.  I repeated the hot glue and graham cracker construction this year.  Until the kids are older, I will do this.  It is so cheap and if something breaks, no biggie! Plus, I can spend more money on candy.
 Check out Stella's jammies.  The pants are red and white stripes.  She insisted on wearing them all day on Christmas Eve.  I didn't argue. I thought is was cute.

 Ben did have to help Esme along.  She was quite distracted with eating the candy.  Can you tell he helped?  Rock Chalk!

 Just a couple shots from Christmas day.  This was Stella's favorite gift from Santa, her Leapster Explorer.  I am a big fan too.  Don't worry, she was only like this for a few days.  I was worried we would have to put a time limit on it, but she limited herself (thank goodness!).

 Esme with her new camera.  She finally stopped sleeping with it this week. 
p.s. Don't you love her little hands?  I love toddler hands just as much as baby hands.
These were most popular on Christmas day, but the girls have been excited about all their gifts.  I was super excited too.  As a parent, I feel like I need new things to play with too.  I found some really great things this year I would like to share with you parents if interested.  Yes, I actually researched toys, educational value, popularity, critic review etc (Ben, my researcher, was proud).  I also did amazon for almost everything!  I got free shipping and great deals.  I will do it again next year.  

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and Happy New Year!

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