Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I know, I know.  I have been absent.  I think I will do another favorite things post this week.  Sound good?  It may explain my absence.  Wink, wink.
Unfortunately, it is not from any projects, but I do have some before and after pics to share.
We did have a giant snow storm a week and a half ago.  It was awesome.  It was on a Friday, so everyone, including Ben, had a snow day.  Then it was 40 the next day so perfect for playing!  Not so awesome was standing on the side lines.  Even if they do make maternity snow gear...I would not buy it.  When you have 18 inches of snow on the ground, snow boots are not even enough to keep your legs dry.
 Not finished yet, still falling.

 This is before Ben shoveled some of the patio.  She wasn't sure what to do at first.  Don't worry, it didn't take long.  Soon she was romping and burying her head in it.  She truly love it.
 Yes, there we go, the finished product.  A buried sand table.  In Kansas we would have packed this up (although maybe not this winter?).  But, it is so sunny and the winter has been so mild (minus this awesome storm), the girls have played quite a bit outside.  
 Stella tried to keep to paths already created by Callie.  She still have a little difficulty, but thought it was "fun."
 This is me trying to take pictures through a window.
 See that Ben and the girls kept to a doggie path.  Callie behind them, seems to be creating a new one.  Right after this, they started making snow balls.  Callie kept trying to catch them and find them.  Pretty funny.
Esme...yelling for "HELP."

Nothing like a good fire on a snow day.

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