Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Girl's Best Friend

It is really Callie-dog that Esme connects with and dresses up, climbs on, pets and coddles.  But, that does not mean she ignores Phoebe.  She gets very concerned when Phoebe ("She-bee" to Esme), does not eat, or is not covered up, or is left outside too long.  Let me explain the dogs' eating habits.  Her fave, Callie, is an "eat the entire bowl of food when it is put down" dog, and Phoebe is a grazer and especially does not like to eat from her bowl. She has to remove mouth fulls and then eat piece by piece.  Esme decided this was not acceptable and yelled for "Shee-bee" until she came over to eat.
 I love how Esme knows that Phoebe will not eat more than one piece at a time.
And so it went on and on...until the bowl was empty.

Then there is Callie.  I just don't think she cares anymore.
 Seriously, she maybe sat looking out the window for squirrels for about 10 minutes. She didn't even try to remove the silly headband.   Hilarious, right?
Stella could not let the photo opportunity pass.

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