Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Poser and the Angry One

Something has happened the last couple weeks.  My photogenic two year old no longer wants me to take pictures of her.  She used to walk around saying cheese, now she yells "NO PIC!"  My four year old is into silly poses now.  Can't a Mommy just get a picture of her two girls together smiling????

  Oh, I can get lots of lovely pictures from behind.
Yes, she typically has some form of dress up clothing on and lately her boots, even though it is in the 70/80's.  They are the only shoes she can get on herself quickly enough to chase after her older sister. The other shoes, like her Keens take too much time when she is trying to catch up.

In this picture, I have been caught.  The two year is yelling, "NO MAMA! NO PICTURE OF ME!"

I did not listen to her and continued to snap a picture.  She started running towards me, still yelling, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

She is real close now.  I can not focus the camera quickly enough.  Soon after this shot, I was hit.
By the way...we are talking real tears here.  

A few minutes later and dared another shot.  She gave me this look and said, "NO THANK YOU, MAMA!"

Then there is Stella. 

I did not post the pics with her tongue out and googly eyes.

Here she is climbing and noticed I was taking a picture.  She stopped what she was doing to flash me a smile.

 Esme ran away and hid underneath the playground.  She popped out to give me a serious look.  Almost, as if saying..."you better not do it mama."

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  1. SO cute. I love your first pic with the girls running away. I have the same problem- Hayden does not want me to take his picture and he will not hold still. But, my camera is apparently way less awesome than yours because it does not capture movement like this!!!! What kind of camera do you have? I guess that since I bought my camera around Hayden's first birthday, it might be time for upgrade. Do share, as we are going to Hawaii in less than 3 weeks!