Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Food, Yum.

I have tried a few new recipes that I feel would be selfish not to share.  I try recipes all the time, but these ...these are different.  First, Pam's Cheesecake.   Let me explain.  I am not the biggest fan of cheesecake.  Occasionally it sounds good and I will never pass up Cheesecake Factory.   This is as good as CF.  Promise.   Warning, I do not advise making this "just because."  I would make this for an occasion with enough people to eat it or take it to work.  What will happen you ask?  It will speak to you every time you open the fridge door.  You will get a fork and have a bite, thinking that is better than a slice. Maybe even a few bites each time through the day.  Also, if you make this...DO NOT skip or improvise the crust.

Next, the healthy.  I want to share some love of recipes from Healthnut Foodie.  Since having children, I have paid more attention to the food we eat.  I make more from scratch, abide the "dirty dozen" list (foods you SHOULD buy organic), and always have fruits and veggies handy.  It's hard and can be expensive to do everything natural, grass fed, or organic, but we keep an eye out and stock up on specials.  This may be her biggest message, but her recipes are A+++ so far!
We have LOVED :
Enchilada Pie
Verde Pozole (*note, I really think a lot of the flavor will come from the Salsa Verde you buy, my fave to use in recipes is the Archer Farms ROASTED salsa verde in mild)
Coconut Chicken Tenders

These were all easy and ENTIRE family approved!  I have also tried the apple chips and Hail to the Kale salad - approved by the girls and myself.  I am excited to try the fruit leather, granola and chicken nuggets.  Let me know what you like!

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