Friday, April 27, 2012

A New Look

...with paint of course.  The following little projects may have been completed a while ago.

We bought this little desk from Goodwill for the girls' computer in November.  It was originally $30, then $24.  I sent Ben, the negotiator in to do some magic.  It is solid wood but there was a little crack on top and down the side (also totally fixable).  At home, $12 later (woo hoo!!) , I started working on it.

  After filling in the crack with wood filler, I sanded it down and painted it with left over paint from our house in Kansas.  This was an accent color in our kitchen on the chalkboard.  I also reused the fun primary colored knobs from the girls' art station in our house in Kansas.
For some reason, any pictures from the basement tend to make colors neon.  This is really a fun greenish yellow.  I imagine it perfect in the playroom when we move into a more permanent space.

Next up...the old vanity stool.  This was originally my Mom's, and was never used, so traveled with me to school...back in the day.  In our last house it was in our walk in closet...primarily used for getting things off the top shelf. Ha.  Our bedroom here is quite a bit smaller than our last so there isn't room for a sitting area...which brings us to the stool.  It has been sitting at the foot of our bed, used for an outfit the following day, sitting to brush teeth, or if you are four, climbing on top of in order to launch self on to bed.   Point is visible and I want it to look nicer.

Our bedroom furniture is dark white paint was perfect for a fresh look.  Add some nice upholster fabric from the clearance section that will coordinate with all of our bedding...and VOILA. So fresh and so clean.

Lastly, also from our bedroom...nightstands.  These have been with me since before Ben and I were married. They are not pretty and yet another shade of wood in our bedroom.  But, I enjoy the storage vs other styles that I would actually prefer.  Especially with another baby arriving soon, I thought it better to change the look than the table.  Seriously, having drawers to toss toys in, nursing gear, extra  diapers is a time saver when you are trying to do a quick pick up.

I didn't mind the color of hardware but REALLY disliked the bottom handle.  A little trip to Home Depot and Martha Stewart to the rescue.  Again, so fresh and so clean.  

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  1. Mandy, I need you! Will you come make my house look fresh and clean?