Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Month?

Really?  It's been a month?  I felt bad because it had been "two weeks" since my last blog. But apparently it had been a month. I have about ten blog posts ready to be finished and posted...some of them originating in January or February.  Seriously.  I am just going to go with the "I'm pregnant!" excuse.   Pretty soon it will be, "I have a new baby!"  For real though, I have lots to share with you and will do my best to be consistent over the next four weeks.  After that, you may be getting a weekly picture of a newborn until I transform into something other than a human milk machine that never showers.  That is a description of love, not a complaint.
That's my Baby Belly.  Yes, that title certainly deserves caps. I am having difficulty finding comfort with the lap top.  I do not like sitting desk style too long and there is not enough room for lap style.  By the way, if you do not have a photo app on your phone - get one.  Right now.  It's free.  They are fun and can make phone photo imperfections look more purposeful.  My new header is in honor of photo apps.   I have to pay respects since it is currently used more often in place of my SLR (not for too much longer though!).

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