Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Easter Weekend

Before we get too far from Easter, I better get to sharing!  Still learning the area and the "going ons" for holidays, we steered safe for Saturday; the Children's Museum.
 There was free ice cream...


And of course and Easter Bunny...

The girls were scared out of their minds.   They would not even think of going near him.  He is kind of scary, right?  I think they are all scary, even the ones at the mall that sit in a chair. 

And just because it was cute...the girls playing house.

Later, a little egg dyeing.

Then Sunday Morning...

 So, the Easter Bunny was very generous this year and brought more than a little basket.  He may have left "big girl" bikes.  I love Stella's face here.  Like she really can't believe what she is seeing. 

The first thing Esme grabbed was the fake Daisy that was in the bike basket.  Love it.

Then, later that day...the hunt.  We had our good friends over for dinner and the hunt.  Getting the kids to stay like this long enough for a picture was torture for them.  Pretty funny.

Esme and I having a spoon race.  She was so excited to do this. 
Lovely, lovely day.

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