Thursday, March 29, 2012

Shoes, Lashes, Sinful Cookies

I have not experienced second or third trimester in winter yet.  I am quite accustomed to being pregnant in summer and all that comes with, swelling, lots of dresses and of course the pregnant woman staple...flip flops.  I have liked being pregnant in winter. I like wearing pants and not having to look at my enlarged calves.
By the way...Doc, I swear the bottom half of my legs are swollen and that is not weight gain. That goes for my rear too!  I guess some things never change, winter or summer, exercise or not, fruit instead of cookies.
With seven weeks left, I have noticed the foot swell. Joy.  But this is not a rant, this is a confession of love.  Since I can not wear flip flips quite yet, and could not the last few months, I needed to find a shoe.  This is also my first pregnancy not comfort could lead the way.
Esme took this picture.  See her knees in the bottom half?  Cute little knees.  She loves my shoes because they match her red sparkle shoes. I love my shoes.  As I have begun to swell, the bow ties are getting smaller and smaller.  Built in expansion.

My make up staple is mascara. I will leave the house, go to a store, with just mascara and basic chap stick.  My favorite mascara is Lancome.  I do not spend money on Lancome mascara anymore. But it is still the best.  (Lindsey, you reading?)  I find the best that I can at Target, it typically runs a quarter of the price of Lancome.   I'm okay with that. Then, I looked down the other day and saw this...
I was melting with love and growing green with jealousy all at once.  Stella's are just as long but blond.  
They get these from their Daddy.  Born with Lancome lashes. Lucky girls.

Ok, one more piece of random.  Do not make these cookies, if you lack control or on a diet.
This is not even the final product.  There is one more layer of cookie on top.  I know they are all over pinterest in different forms.  But I love getting things from bloggers I have followed over the last few years.  This recipe is from Joy's Hope.  AH-MAY-ZING!

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