Monday, July 19, 2010

What Were We Thinking!?!

Curse this hot weather. We tried to get out Saturday morning with the girls.  We decided something short and sweet like Deanna Rose Farmstead would be great.  We lasted an HOUR.  Even Stella was ready to go home.  We were melting at 11 am in the morning. Stupid heat advisories.  It was even too hot to swim. Oh man, thank goodness I was pregnant last summer instead of this one! Ahhh...last summer, beautiful 80's.  I love fall and winter. Yes, that is right.  I would choose a snow storm...with ICE over a weekend like this last.  Hey at least it is pretty and a little romantic. What's romantic about 95 (heat index over 100)?  Ben and I agreed that we had a stench...probably from being partially baked like a potato!  You won't see these two sweaty, stinky potatoes hugging.  However, I do like a sweaty baby, but they smell good no matter what, right?
Oh man, the pony tail holders (three) broke.  It was too hot to have this mane down...but it is pretty isn't it?
This little wading area was not enough.
These ducks have the right idea.  I think I can see steam in the pictures, you?
 A little ice cream treat on our way out.
Oh poor baby! Me too! Don't worry, we were heading out at this moment.
Not too hot for a "Stella Sandwich" inside!
 That is more like it.  Happy faces.

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