Monday, July 19, 2010

Like it a Lot

Simple, easy, cheap, but I like it a lot.

First, buy a cheap $2 from Goodwill.   Punch out the glass and dated picture.
Get yo'self some supplies from a craft store; sample paint from a hardware store. 
Mmm...loving this color.
Now, this part is important.  DO NOT leave the sample paint on a table where a toddler could climb on a chair and stretch across to reach the paint pod, where she would then open it, accidentally spill it on the one year old carpet, and then cry because it got on her finger, all while Mama is getting a drink for a baby (we are talking like a minute people).
 I had to "mess" mine a little bit with some sand paper.  Screw hooks in on sides, then thread the frame wire and snip, snip, snip.
It is good for special cards from Grammies and pictures...
Or a toddlers artwork...preferably done on paper, not carpet.
 *note: carpet eventually did come clean of bright aqua paint the diameter of a melon with lots of water and soaking.

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