Sunday, July 11, 2010

Fourth of July in Denver

We took an afternoon flight this time to Denver, instead of the early AM.  The kids were awake and happy.
Denver was fantastic as usual; beautiful and fun.  The kids played great, we cheered to good times lots.

We began the fourth just enjoying the day beautiful day and the kids.
Stella protected herself from the sun in Mama's glasses.
...and Tobias protected himself with Stella's glasses.
Then we went to a Fourth of July Festival.
There was this great playground with rare equipment.  After watching another child sit in this "bucket chair" and spin, Ben and Kara decided they would give it a try.  Have you seen pure joy on an adult lately?
Then it rained.  And hailed. And rained.
 The girls didn't seem to mind.
 All Wet!
 After the rain settled, we had dinner at a hot dog restaurant.  An American meal, right?
 Fireworks at home!
So fun.  I may have fallen on my way outside from getting the camera.  We are talking horizontal camera flying out of my hand, landing on knees, ankles, and both hands. It must have looked bad as everyone, including the girls came rushing over to ask how I was.  All I could think about was the camera (which is ok).  It was pretty silly.  I am not sure I have fallen like this in years; definitely had flash backs to being a little girl with band aids on my knees.  Kara took good care of me with "ice packs."
This was also bath night.  The three girls...
Tobais in patriotic jams.  Love it.  We made it to one more park for a picnic before we left.  The kids had a blast running, playing in a tent, the playground and bean bag toss.
Need some help, Kara?

Later this day, we were lucky enough to have a "date" with just the adults.  I should have brought the camera to document!  Ben and I definitely savored the beer we had on the roof top patio.  What a great way to end a trip to CO...or so I thought, anyway.  When we headed to the airport, I noticed big thunderheads in the distance (you know the cumulus kind that you learn about in grade school and see in pictures?).  We arrive at our gate to find out the flight is being delayed an hour due to storms.  One hour turns into over three!  
 The kids were GREAT.  Stella was in the most patient, sweetest mood.  The storms did leave behind an awesome rainbow.
Don't you just want to eat her up? 

We should have arrived home, in driveway at 8:30.  We arrived after 1:00 AM.   Ben had to work the next day.  Poor guy, he was so tired. 
Stella, trying to wake him up to finish reading the book he started. Being off schedule for a week was worth it though...we had so much fun!

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  1. Thank you so much for posting these. I absolutely love your style of photography, especially with our kids involved. Can't wait to see you guys again. Love you.