Friday, July 2, 2010

Fun with Family

We had such a good visit with Aunt Kate and Grammie last Saturday.  I had too much fun I missed out on some good pictures...the World Cup game may have been a distraction too. 
There was reading...some new movies (Stella's new fave - Ponyo)...
more reading.  Actually, Stella has this book memorized, word for word, so she read to us. 
Then, she got the giggles...for a long time.  There are more pictures, but you will see in a bit, the giggles led into another series of shots.  Stella wanted her finger nails painted, which Grammie did wonderfully.
Then, Stella decided she wanted to paint our nails.  Aunt Kate went first.
Have you ever laughed so hard you cried? It was that kind of moment.
She does get better as she goes.
Your turn Grammie!
Busy girl, you say?  I would have to agree.
Following about five laps around the house walking with assistance, the little soccer player crashed.  GOOOOOOAAAAALLL!!!

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