Monday, July 26, 2010

A Safety Project

 So...this is a problem.  Actually, I am not sure you can see the problem.  It is not that the baby is on the first step...I am ok with that.  The problem is that the baby likes to follow the toddler through the balusters up stairs.  If you look closely, you will see that Stella actually has a leg hanging out. 
Just between the first step and the second step is the problem. My solution: an old shower curtain.  I loved this shower curtain, but it doesn't really go in the kids' bathroom.  It is nice to see it again.
 Cut two squares of fabric the length you need and don't forget to make sure it is long enough to make it around the balusters.  Always best to leave a little extra!
 The holes where the shower rings go are going to become button holes; 
so make sure that they are on the "length."
 Finish your edges (I guess you wouldn't have to do this actually).
 Gather up some old buttons.  You know you have these stuffed in drawers here and there.  I have trouble throwing them away with every shirt I buy.
 Sew the button on the other side where it would meet the shower ring hole.  Make sure it is tight.  We do not want a baby girl sliding it down!
 VOILA!  I turned it around after this photo so the buttons were on the inside.  So far so good!  The baby has been unsuccessful on getting up the stairs!

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