Sunday, November 22, 2009

Typical Thursday

Every Thursday evening, we see this Stella:

Oh the drama.
What happens every Thursday?  She spends the day with her YaYa (Grandma Ball) and sometimes K-K (Aunt Kelsey) and sometimes PaPa (Grandpa Ball).   The poor girl, I say that lightly, has so much fun with her YaYa and PaPa that she comes home to an unsatifying reality in the evening.  She plays so hard during the day (YaYa is the best gym, horse, tea party guest, reader, art teacher etc.) that she is exhausted by the time she comes home.  I should mention, that we usually get a sneak preview when we are trying to leave to head home, and have taken to bribing her with a piece of candy (hey, it works and it is just one piece; better than a toy). Although we become frustrated with Stella's short fuse from exhaustion and exaggerated tantrums every Thursday, we wouldn't change it for the world.  This face that we see also accompanies some of the best conversations (her vocabulary doubles) and we can visibly see her imagination grow as well as her bond with YaYa, PaPa and K-K strengthen.  And although it frustrates the poor girl even more, we usually can help but laugh.  I will say, she also sleeps better this night than any other.
Thank You YaYa, PaPa and K-K!   

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