Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Raking Leaves only fun the first few minutes.  I can honestly say I truly enjoy raking leaves every year (for a short time).  I fall in love with Autumn every year and the nostalgia around raking the dead, colorful leaves the have fallen from trees that reside  in our neighbors' yards.  I put all my energy into making the best pile, then take a look at the remainder of the yard and realize that a blister will soon arise on my thumb and my arm and back will begin to ache from making the "rake" motion.  Thankfully, Ben took on most of the yard this year - someone had to strap a baby on and take pictures, right? The excitement lasted a bit longer watching Stella play.   All by herself, she figured out to jump and crawl in the piles.  Ben followed behind her trying to keep the leaves from scattering from the neat piles he prepared to be bagged.  Funny.  I look forward to next year when we will watch Stella show Esme how it is done.

She wanted to help too...

 "this heffy mama!"

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